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Lauren Fox: Echoes of Delilah

Unveiling the vulnerable songstress behind the Nashville scene, shaping her voice through vivid storytelling and emotional depths!

Lauren Fox © 2023


Today we have the pleasure to have Lauren on Goathead!

GH: How did you first get started in your music career as a singer-songwriter?

Lauren Fox: I’ve always loved music. I grew up surrounded by it. And I was exposed to all types of it. I sang country songs with my dad. And danced on the kitchen counter to Earth Wind and Fire with my mom. So the singer part came early. And the songwriter part started the summer between 5th and 6th grade when I moved from Texas to Colorado. I couldn’t figure out how to process the big emotions I was feeling at the time so I wrote a song about them because that was the only way I was able to unravel them. I’ve been doing it ever since.

GH: Can you tell us about some of your biggest musical influences and how they have shaped your sound?

Lauren Fox: In the same way authors read a lot of books, I listen to a lot of music. Ed Sheeran is my biggest inspiration. I vividly remember the first time I ever heard The A Team and ever since I’ve loved his songwriting style. The words he uses can be so simple but the way he writes creates an emotional depth in his music. Julia Michaels is another songwriter that has influenced me deeply. Her songs are raw and vulnerable and it constantly reminds me to do the same. Matty Healy is a songwriter I look up to a lot as well. His use of metaphors in his lyrics is incredible, and again, his lyrics feel real. These three artists make incredibly real music that people can relate to and connect to on a deep level. When you listen to their music you get the sense you’re not alone in the world. I hope people feel the same about my music.

GH: What is your songwriting process like? Do you have any specific rituals or techniques that help you tap into your creativity?

Lauren Fox: I don’t have a particular process. Every song starts differently. Some start in my head with one line and a bit of a melody. Some start with the chords on my guitar as I sing nonsense over it until I stumble onto something I like. I’ve written some solely based on a title I have in my head for a song. And I get the few every so often where I sit down with an instrument and write a song in one or two goes. Those are pretty magical moments. But when I’m stuck I go to my notes app where I have years of random lyrics, thoughts, and stories written down, and most of the time something in there sparks an idea. Other things I do to tap into my creativity are simply other creative things. So if I’m stuck on a song I’ll put it down and go paint, or sketch, or journal. It’s almost like warming up my creative brain.

GH: Could you share some insights into your journey as an artist and any significant milestones or experiences that have shaped your musical style?

Lauren Fox: The journey has been a crazy one. I started actually singing and playing my own music for people in high school in my choir classes. I was really timid about it at first. Putting myself out there was scary, still can be sometimes but it’s gotten easier. I moved to Nashville after high school and that’s where I realized for the first time that my friends weren’t lying to me and that people did really like my music. And I just never stopped writing. Since then and before too, the same milestones that have shaped my music are the ones that have shaped my life. Just about anything that happens in my life that causes me to have an intense emotional reaction, whether it’s a deep sadness or a deep joy or something in between, I will probably end up writing a song about. Music is where I can be the most honest. So my style of music is one that lends itself to vulnerability. My songs are a peak into who I am and the things that I feel.

GH: Finally, I'd love to hear more about your upcoming single, "Hey, It's Delilah." What inspired the song and what can listeners expect from it in terms of themes or musical style?

Lauren Fox: At its core Hey, It’s Delilah is a response song to Hey There Delilah by the Plain White T’s. Hey there Delilah had been a special song in my life since I was a kid when my dad drove me to horse back riding lessons and every morning we sang that song in the car. I’ve known I wanted to write some sort of response to it for a long time because the song lends itself to that. So I decided to tell Delilah’s side of the story. I tried to write the perfect combination of referencing the plain white t’s lyrics while also coming up with an untold story between the two characters. I also kept it pretty simple musically- similar to the music of Hey There Delilah- but of course added my own touch of pizazz.

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B Hidalgo
B Hidalgo
Jul 28, 2023

Great interview and looks like an up and coming star for sure!

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