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Lee Miller Matsos: From Theatrical Roots to Musical Metamorphosis – Crafting a Soulful Journey Through Pop Rock"

Join Lee Miller Matsos on a transformative musical odyssey, as he blends organic creativity, pop rock prowess, and profound purpose in his upcoming EP 'Metamorphosis, Pt. 2,' a unique exploration of emotions and metamorphic themes.

Lee Matsos ©️ 2023

Today We Have The Pleasure To Have This Great Artist Here On Goathead!


GH: Hey Lee! Great to have you here.

What inspired you to pursue a career in music, and how does the creative process play a role in your musical journey?

Lee Matsos: I believe I was born with a creative gift, expressing the human experience through songs. My journey into songwriting was a quest for a deep connection with my soul, finding gold in the process. Writing a song taps into an unadulterated connection with my true self and inner child.

GH: Share your experience transitioning from musical theatre and opera to pop rock. What milestones have defined your musical path, especially in your early gigging days?

Lee Matsos: I transitioned from musical theatre and opera to pop rock, building a career I passionately believe in. My first gig in Charlottetown, PEI, marked the beginning. From playing in freezing weather to headline releases and opening for Season 9 American Idol Winner Lee DeWyze, every step shaped my musical journey. The most fun I've had was opening for Alexis Marrero, feeling a special "zone" where self-consciousness disappeared.

GH: Describe your songwriting process. How do you navigate the organic nature of your creative bursts?

Lee Matsos: My songwriting is deeply organic. I don't pressure myself; instead, I sense when songs are ready to emerge. Creating space in my life for a more relaxed routine helps accommodate the creative flow during these bursts.

GH: Your commitment to music is evident. What drives you to create music, and how do you infuse awareness into your songs?

Lee Matsos: I have a profound sense of purpose to

create music. Tough decisions and sacrifices led me to prioritize music, exploring topics with bursts of inspiration. For instance, my song "The Color of Love" stemmed from reflections on the George Floyd murder and the unrest in 2020.

GH: Tell us about your upcoming projects, particularly "Metamorphosis, Pt. 2." What themes and collaborations can we anticipate?

Lee Matsos: "Metamorphosis, Pt. 2" delves into emotional topics, akin to the "inside the cocoon" phase. Working with Chris DiCola, winner of the 2023 Cleveland Music Award for Producer of the Year, adds a unique flavor. The EP, accompanied by music videos, promises a dark and intense exploration of transformation, with each song offering a distinct angle. I'm thrilled to bring these songs to life!



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