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Luca Burgalassi's 'Back To The Roots' Takes Listeners on a Transatlantic Journey of Musical Rediscovery

The Livornese Singer-Songwriter's Fifth Solo Album Delves Deep into Personal and Musical Roots, Bridging the Gap Between America and Italy.

Luca Burgalassi © 2024


The Livornese singer-songwriter, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist Luca Burgalassi invites listeners on an introspective journey that transcends borders, fusing the musical influences of America with the soulful embrace of his Italian homeland with his new album "Back To The Roots"

Rediscovering Roots Through Sonic Exploration

The album, available on all digital platforms with a vinyl release already out and ready to be purchased, serves as a poignant testament to Burgalassi's return to his roots. Having spent years in Virginia, USA, the artist reflects on his experiences, translating them into a rich tapestry of sound that encapsulates blues, rock, country, and folk. "Back To The Roots" is not just an album; it's a narrative, a musical diary of the artist's odyssey from America back to Italy.

Track-by-Track Journey

The album's ten tracks navigate a spectrum of emotions, mirroring the artist's personal evolution. From the haunting darkness of "Black Tide" to the upbeat optimism of the title track "Back To The Roots," each composition reveals a different facet of Burgalassi's musical and emotional landscape. The melancholy strains of "The Blues And Me" showcase a piano-driven deviation from the album's predominantly acoustic foundation.

Back To The Roots

Genre: Blues with R&B and Gospel Influences

Highlight: Satyamo Hernandez's backing vocals

Synopsis: The title track is a bluesy reflection on returning to one's roots and starting anew, shedding light on the importance of staying grounded and moving forward.

Beautiful Life

Genre: Acoustic Rock Ballad

Instruments: Rob Oliver on Harmonica, Jason Cale on Slide Guitar

Synopsis: This acoustic rock ballad, featuring harmonica and slide guitar, delves into the realization that life, even in its gravest moments, is beautiful and worth living to the fullest.

Finding Love Again

Genre: Acoustic Rock Ballad

Inspirations: American "campfire country songs"

Synopsis: An acoustic rock ballad inspired by American country songs, it serves as a motivational anthem, encouraging self-belief and the continual pursuit of passion.

Black Tide

Synopsis: A progression of dissonant chords paints the picture of a nightmare—a hostile and unfamiliar place far from home. The metaphorical black tide approaches, enveloping the listener in an attempt to escape.

Always On

Instruments: Bobby Black Cat on Harmonica and Vocals, Fabrizio Desideri on Clarinet

Synopsis: A determination anthem, "Always On" encourages pushing forward, aiming high, and never giving up despite life's challenges.

The Blues And Me

Genre: Slow Blues

Instruments: Francesco Menici on Acoustic Piano

Synopsis: A slow blues piece with piano and electric guitar, "The Blues And Me" metaphorically explores the weight of blues as spirits that surround and engulf, making every step heavy until the strength to resist emerges.

New Dawn

Synopsis: Evoking the imagery of waking up in complete darkness, "New Dawn" symbolizes the emergence of a new light, offering hope and the anticipation of a fresh beginning.

Staring At The Moon

Collaboration: Duet with Matteo Becucci, Francesco Carmignani on Violin

Synopsis: A duet contemplating the moon's unifying role, bridging distant people and worlds, erasing distances, and fostering hope for reunion.

My Blues Still Call Your Name

Genre: Slow Acoustic Blues

Instruments: Rob Oliver on Harmonica, Dobro played By Luca Burgalassi

Synopsis: A melancholic acoustic blues reflecting on departures, emphasizing that no matter what is said, the blues continue to call one's name.

The River

Synopsis: A dense, dark, and energetic piece resembling torrential rains in an impenetrable jungle or a raging river. It symbolizes cleansing and renewal, albeit through forceful means, as one seeks refuge and a glimmer of light in the night.

Instrumental Mastery and Collaborative Brilliance

Burgalassi's instrumental prowess shines throughout the album, particularly in the acoustic guitar interplay. Backed by a solid rhythm section featuring Filippo Todaro on drums and Giacomo Bertaccini on bass, the album also boasts noteworthy collaborations. Francesco Menici's piano adds depth to tracks like "The Blues And Me," while the electric guitars of Franco Ceccanti and Jason Cale, along with the harmonica contributions of Rob Oliver and Bobby BlackHat, weave a tapestry of sonic textures.

Burgalassi's return to Italy echoes in every note, capturing the essence of family, friendship, and self-discovery. The artist's vocals convey the depth of his experiences, and the addition of Matteo Becucci's voice in "Staring At The Moon" adds a hauntingly beautiful dimension to the album.

"Back To The Roots" is more than an album; it's an emotional and musical pilgrimage. Luca Burgalassi's ability to blend diverse genres while maintaining authenticity is a testament to his skill and artistry. As the world embarks on a sonic journey through his eyes, This album stands as a testament to the power of returning to one's origins and finding inspiration in the journey itself.

Don't Forget To Connect with Luca Burgalassi through his Instagram and Listen To "Back To The Roots On All Streaming Platforms".

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