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Raziel Fallen: Crafting Dark Beats with a Touch of Redemption.

Exploring A Local Rising Musician & DJ’s Depths of Emotion Through Music, DJ’ing - One Beat at a Time

Alex G. ©️ 2024


Today We Have The Pleasure To Have This Great Artist Here On Goathead!

GH: What inspired you to start writing music and DJing?

Alex G: What inspired me to start writing music and DJing was a byproduct of being fed up with things going on in my life at the time. Most of it started with a terrible break up and a series of bad choices that a friend of mine encouraged me to get into therapy. Many common exercises were to keep a journal and that journal started becoming poems and from poems to lyrics, really dark stuff. I already had love for dance music and the rave scene so my darkness turned into Techno and Tech house. These sounds to me sound edgy, grunge, hurt but also very upbeat but unapologetically true to itself.

GH: How did you transition from therapy exercises to performing as a DJ?

Alex G: I had already been in music prior to now. I used to play in several Regional Mexican music groups, so performing as a DJ to me seemed like a walk in the park. You only have to worry about yourself in that moment in comparison to a 6 piece group, for example. Although it had been nearly 10 years since I walked away from music, I had confidence returning to the stage as my own solo project "Raziel Fallen". I quickly was humbled and reminded of how walking up on stage is truly a terrifying experience, especially if it's your first time. But I also remember my father telling me "you should be glad when you're nervous, that just means you still love what you do". So now every time I have a gig, I still notice my hands shake. It's gonna be a good gig.

GH: What is your process behind set preparation?

Alex G: Set preparation is difficult to say as a DJ simply because of the nature of the gig. If you're performing at a club there's a certain vibe you're trying to set. In comparison to a festival, I might play records you normally wouldn't hear at a club. Not to mention you still need to read the crowd. A DJ feeds off the crowd's interaction, the crazier the vibe is the more the DJ can immerse themselves into an unforgettable set.

GH: What motivates you to create music?

Alex G: I think what motivates me to create music is still that need to express deeper feelings I normally wouldn't be able to simply just speaking. I get up on stage and it's like there's someone else up there and not me. A cooler version of myself that correctly says the right things constantly. I become a tool of the records I play/produce and I completely given into it like a Monk reaching Nirvana.

GH: What can we expect from your upcoming tracks?

Alex G: At the moment I'm taking time into my next couple of records I'm making, much different than my first single "ANGEL NOISES" which was more of a fun dark themed track I made. I feel my upcoming tracks will sound a bit more personal but true to myself and my brand.

GH: Where did the name "Raziel Fallen" come from?

Alex G: Raziel Fallen is a redemption story, everyone has their story and in many people's lives you are the bad guy in some and the good guy in others. It's a story of my return to music and my return to being true to myself. I'm a curious person by nature and ran into the name Raziel from Jewish Kabbalah. I was just simply fascinated by so many of these books that didn't make it to biblical canon. Raziel roughly translates to Wisdom or secrets of God. I added the Fallen part since we all fall at times and when we fall we must get back up.



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