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Rusteé Unveils the Art of Musical Storytelling: From Intense Performances to Cathartic Creativity

The rising Brazilian artist shares insights into the passion driving her songwriting, memorable stage moments, and upcoming collaborations that promise a dance-worthy musical journey.

RUSTEÉ ©️ 2023

Today We Have The Pleasure To Have This Great Artist Here On Goathead!


GH: Hey Rusteé, great to have you here! When did your passion for writing stories and creating a world of your own begin?

Rusteé: I've always been passionate about writing stories. Since childhood, it provided a channel for expressing my creativity, creating a world within me. When I started listening to music that resonated with my feelings and lifestyle, I felt a strong desire to learn the language artists use in creating lyrics. I wrote my first song around 15 or 16, and it became a continuous journey.

GH: Your performances are known for being intense and memorable. Can you describe the pressure and excitement you feel during these moments?

Rusteé: Every performance carries a mix of nervousness and excitement. Whether I'm singing alone under a spotlight or with backup dancers in a grand setting, I aim to create something remarkable. Planning the concept and atmosphere is a crucial part, and having an entire crowd singing your own words is indescribable. One memorable performance was when I sang "Like a Prayer" by Madonna in a small theater. The crowd was hypnotized, and many said it was the best performance of the night.

GH: Can you share your creative process for writing songs? How do you come up with ideas and concepts?

Rusteé: My creative process varies. Sometimes, I reflect on personal situations or stories I want to tell and develop phrases that come with a melody. Other times, inspiration strikes suddenly, prompting me to stop everything and write a song. Not all my songs are about me; I draw inspiration from books, TV shows, or urban poetry. Currently, I'm exploring a reverse process, receiving instrumental demos and fitting lyrics to them. Collaborating with other lyricists has been a great experience.

GH: Writing music seems to be a cathartic process for you. How does it feel to transform your experiences, both joyful and challenging, into music?

Rusteé: Writing music is a channel of catharsis and pure expression for me. It allows me to eternalize moments of joy and happiness, reliving them through song. When facing sad or challenging situations, it provides a different perception, empowering me to rise above negativity. It's a way to say goodbye to sadness and redefine the meaning of various life experiences.

GH: Your mind seems to be brimming with ideas. Can you share any upcoming projects or collaborations that you're excited about?

Rusteé: My mind is always buzzing with ideas, and this year, I'm proud to have collaborated with LexMusic, incredible music producers who understand my vision. We've been discussing new projects, and you can expect a lot of fresh and new dancing songs in the near future. I'm also in talks with other music companies to license some old material for an upcoming project. Stay tuned for exciting developments!



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