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Todd Morton Unplugged: A Candid Conversation on Love, Music, and the Art of Songwriting

Discover the Roots: Todd Morton Talks Inspiration, Soccer, and the Girl Behind His Musical Awakening.

Todd Morton © 2024


Today We Have The Pleasure To Have Todd Here On Goathead!

GH: Hey Todd, Great To Have You Here! What originally inspired you to start singing and songwriting?

Todd Morton: I have a classic story - it all started with a girl. At the time, I was playing professional soccer, and I met someone who became incredibly important in my life. She helped me discover a truer version of myself, someone with a passion for music. Her inspiration led me to take the leap into singing and songwriting, and I've fallen in love with it ever since.

GH: Can you share your experience with live performances, and do you have a memorable moment from one of your shows?

Todd Morton: Currently, I don't have extensive experience playing live. I focused on honing my craft in creating and recording before delving into live performances. However, my first show at the smaller venue, Kung Fu Necktie, was incredibly fulfilling. It felt surreal and marked the beginning of solidifying my place as a serious musician.

GH: Tell us about your songwriting process, please?

Todd Morton: My songwriting process is quite formulaic. I start by listening to tracks that match my mood or inspire me. Then, I freestyle melodies over the track until I find a sound I like. Once I have the melody, I fill in the words with syllables that match the melody. It's a method that works well for me.

GH: What motivates you to create music, and what do you hope your music does for others?

Todd Morton: My motivation stems from a genuine love of music, which has always been my escape and outlet. In terms of what I hope my music does for others, I aim to provide something relatable. I strive to be honest and straightforward about my feelings and thoughts in my songs, hoping listeners can connect on a personal level.

GH: Can you share insights into your next or latest projects?

Todd Morton: My next project is still in the works, but based on the pattern so far, it will be a mix of pop, indie rock, and alternative material. I'm incredibly excited to start recording and releasing it soon!



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