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Unveiling the Artistic Path of Sebastian Schaffer: A Journey of Inspiration, Music and Ambition

From Classical Roots to Solo Stardom: Sebastian Schaffer's Evolution as an Artist and the Power of Collaborative Creativity

Sebastian Schaffer © 2023


Today We Have The Pleasure To Have Sebastian On Goathead!

GH: Hey Sebastian, great to have you here on Goathead! Can you tell us about your musical journey leading up to your solo career? What were some of the defining moments or experiences that shaped your artistic path?

Sebastian Schaffer: Hey, thanks for having me! I was raised very musically with classical piano lessons and singing in different choirs. As a teenager, I became increasingly interested in singing and started learning the guitar. From 2010 to 2017, I was the lead singer of "Dream Casino," an alternative rock band. Here, I had my first experiences in songwriting, performing on stage, and studio work and production. In fact, we recorded Dream Casino's first and second EP in a small town in Germany with Arkadi Zaslavski, who is the brother of Anton Zaslavski, aka ZEDD. During this period, I realized that songwriting is something I wanted to explore more. So, I started building my own home studio in which I've been writing and producing my songs. In addition, I've been performing in musical productions and making cover music since 2016. Now that I've started releasing my own music, it feels very satisfying and right for me! And I know that I will continue on this path.

GH: As a multi-instrumentalist, how do you approach incorporating different instruments into your songs? Are there any particular instruments that hold a special place in your creative process?

Sebastian Schaffer: The piano is probably the instrument I feel most comfortable with. So usually, I find myself sitting at the piano and figuring out harmonies and chord progressions. But in the end, it is whatever instrument sparks my creativity. It could be the acoustic guitar or just a melody in my head. In my production process, I try to involve as many instruments as the song needs without overfeeding it. I love adding strings or different synthesizer layers, an electric bass, or guitars. And often times, I end up reducing some instruments or melodies again. I like experimenting with different possibilities in the creative process. And then I go with whatever feels right. Since I grew up singing in choirs, my voice is also an important instrument in my production process. I love singing harmonies and adding different vocal layers to give the vocal arrangement some extra sauce.

GH: Your debut single, "Poets," received a lot of attention on streaming services. How did it feel to release your first solo project and witness the positive response from listeners?

Sebastian Schaffer: Releasing my first solo project, "Poets," felt incredibly amazing. It was a culmination of all the hard work and dedication I had put into my music. Seeing the positive response from listeners was both validating and inspiring. It gave me confidence that I was on the right path and motivated me to continue creating and sharing my music with the world. It was truly a rewarding experience.

GH: As a songwriter, what messages or emotions do you aim to convey through your music? How do you hope your songs will resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impact?

Sebastian Schaffer: I don't like being too specific in my lyrics. I try to give the listener some metaphors and leave space for interpretation and for the listeners to find their own place in my music. My ballads usually tell about yearnings and my doubts, but I also offer music that captures positive energy about love and satisfaction. Usually, my lyrics and the topic of the song develop in the creative process in union with the melody. I hope that people can relate to the emotions I share in my songs and find some comfort or just enjoy the energy. Ultimately, I aim to create music that resonates with listeners on a personal level and leaves a lasting impact in their lives.

GH: Building on the success of "Poets," can you give us any insights into your future music plans? Are there any specific themes or genres you're excited to explore in your upcoming releases?

Sebastian Schaffer: With "Poets" and "Silence," I've released two melancholic ballads fitting the winter time. Now that summer has begun, I'm excited about releasing a few up-tempo songs, such as my upcoming song "Moon," which will be released, including a music video, on June 23rd. In the following months, I will release two more singles before dropping my first album in September. It is time to get my music on stage, so I am working on a concept of how to perform my music in different settings: as a solo artist and with a band. Also, I've started writing my second album, which is exciting! I would like to write a few more electronic songs with more rhythmic elements while still keeping the balance of using organic instruments and making my music feel genuine. Also, I would love to work together with other artists. All in all, there is so much I want to discover and try out, I don't think I'll ever get bored - and I hope my audience won't either!

GH: Collaboration is an important aspect of the music industry. Have there been any collaborations or mentorship opportunities that have played a significant role in shaping your career? How have these experiences influenced your growth as an artist?

Sebastian Schaffer: Collaboration has indeed played a significant role in shaping my career. Working with other musicians and producers has allowed me to learn and grow as an artist. One particular collaboration that stands out is my experience working with Arkadi Zaslavski on Dream Casino's EPs. It was a valuable opportunity to learn from someone with expertise in music production. The knowledge and skills I gained during that time continue to influence my approach to songwriting and production. Additionally, I've had the privilege of collaborating with talented musicians and vocalists on various projects, and each collaboration has contributed to my artistic growth and broadened my musical horizons. The exchange of ideas and perspectives has been invaluable, and I am grateful for these collaborative experiences.

GH: Thank you, Sebastian, for sharing your musical journey and insights with us. We look forward to hearing more of your music and witnessing your continued success as a solo artist. Best of luck with your upcoming releases and future endeavors!

Sebastian Schaffer: Thank you! It's been a pleasure. I appreciate the opportunity to share my story, and I'm excited for what's to come.



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