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Annie Mae: A Rising Singer-Songwriter Whose Melodies Echo Deep Emotions

Singer-Songwriter Annie On A Special Q&A with Goathead, About Embracing Vulnerability and Crafting Relatable Melodies that Resonate With Audiences Of The World

Annie Mae Samson ©️ 2023

GH: Hi Annie, thank you for being here and sharing your story! Can you tell us about your musical background and how you embarked on your journey as a singer-songwriter?

Annie: Hi everyone! My dad first introduced me to singing, he was the lead singer in a local band when he was younger and always encouraged me to sing around the house, in the car and anywhere I could. He had a karaoke machine that we would always sing together with and this showed me how much I loved to sing. Growing up, I played piano and would write little songs about things like my sisters, my pets and anything I could think of. I started to learn ukulele and guitar in my teenage years and this really fueled my songwriting obsession, I would be in my room every evening writing as much as I could. When I finished secondary school, I decided to move to London to pursue my career in music and I am currently attending BIMM Institute in London. 

GH: Your music often touches upon deep emotions. How do you approach translating personal experiences and feelings into your songwriting?

Annie: I always try to draw from my own experiences so the songs are as real and raw as possible. My goal when writing songs is to create something people can relate to and turn to when they need something to lean on. Writing songs is kind of my way to destress and deal with anything that is going on in my life right now. For example, my parents are selling our home house where I grew up, it was a really hard thing for me to process so, to cope it with and get my emotions out, I wrote a song about it. It just instantly makes me feel better to write it down and make it in to a song. Hopefully I will be able to release these songs for people to listen and relate to. 

GH: Your unique musical style blends different genres. How would you describe your sound, and what are some of the key influences that have shaped your artistic direction?

Annie: I never really know how to describe my sound, the way my friends describe it is like “an Adele vibe” which I guess is true, as I usually write quite slow, emotional songs. Growing up, my main influence was definitely Michael Bublé which I guess isn’t the usual inspiration for a young girl but he was the first ever CD I had and one of the first concerts I ever went to. My dad was always listening to people like Michael Bublé, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and all of the greats. So, I guess you could say as well, my dad is probably my biggest influence on all of my music. Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of inspiration from newer artists like Benson Boone and Lizzy McAlpine. Their songwriting techniques are so unique and their music is just so beautiful that I would love to be able to do what they do! 

GH: "Say Goodbye" is a captivating acoustic ballad. Could you share the inspiration and story behind this heartfelt song?

Annie: Say Goodbye is a song about losing someone. I actually wrote this song after my dog died, I was in London when she died and I flew home to Ireland a few weeks after it happened. On the flight back to London after that weekend, the lyrics just came to me and I wrote them down on the notes app on my phone. As soon as I got back to my flat in London, I sat at my piano and started making it into a song. I didn’t want to be too specific about who the song was about because again I want people to be able to relate to it and transfer it into their own situations. It’s honestly just a song about losing someone you didn’t think you would lose so fast and you regret not being there for them in their last moments. 

GH: Looking ahead, what are your future plans as an artist? Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that you're excited about?

Annie: My plans at the moment are to just write as much as possible. I’m hoping to release an EP in summer 2024, so I’m working towards writing and finalising the songs for that. I’m also just gigging a lot around London to try get my name out there as much as I can. I’d love to do some collaborations, I’ve been in contact with a few people so hopefully if they pull through there will be a lot of interesting things coming out soon! I’m also in the process of recording a new song to release this summer so keep an eye out on my social media for updates on that! 



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