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Central New York's Latin Music Sensation: DJ Capone Setting Ground To Ignite the Global Stage

From Law Enforcement to Music Maestro: The Inspirational Journey of David Rodriguez aka DJ Capone.

DJ CAPONE ©️ 2024


Today, we are introducing a real artist and music producer hustling rising artist. David Rodriguez, the producer and artist behind a burgeoning wave of Latin rhythms sweeping through Central New York.

From humble beginnings in East Utica, David, also known as DJ Capone, has seamlessly woven the vibrant tapestry of Latin sounds into the region's musical landscape.

Drawing inspiration from his Puerto Rican and Sicilian roots, as well as the diverse communities that call Central New York home, David's music celebrates cultural fusion and diversity.

After a distinguished 23-year career in law enforcement, David retired to pursue his lifelong passion for music.

In 2022, he unveiled his music studio and website,, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his musical journey.

Since then, David has been making waves in the Latin, Reggaeton, and Hip-Hop genres with a remarkable EP album and a string of captivating singles.

Each of David's singles, from "Rum Cake" to "Stay with Me Tonight," showcases his commitment to delivering distinctive beats and lyrics that resonate with fans across genres.

With a unique blend of Reggaeton, Moombahton, Latin Trap, Hip Hop, and tropical beats, David's compositions capture the essence of authenticity and innovation.

Beyond his music studio, David has become a pillar of support for aspiring Latin artists, offering mentorship, productions and opportunities for collaboration.

His dedication to inclusivity and diversity has sparked a movement within Central New York's Latin music community, celebrating the power of music to bridge cultures and unite communities.

As David continues to craft his signature sound and elevate Central New York's Latin music scene, audiences can expect to be transported to a world where rhythm and harmony reign supreme.

Keep an ear out for his latest releases as he takes Central New York and the global Latin music stage by storm.

His production group Audio Squad Music has become an emerging community for David’s curated artists and productions.



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