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Emerging Artist N’Naya Shares Musical Journey and Vision in Exclusive Interview

Discover the Inspirations, Process, and Future Projects of Aspiring Musician N’Naya

N’Naya ©️ 2024


Today we have the pleasure to have N’Naya on Goathead

GH: What inspired you to start writing music?

N’Naya: Singing is a way I express my feelings. In high school, I read some poem collections by African poets, and I loved how words with deep meanings were put together to create each poem. One poem I loved most was “ode to freedom and joy”. I cannot remember the name of the author and the book. If I searched my bookshelf back in Nigeria, I would probably find it. So, I tried singing the poem, and that is how I started trying to write my poems and then songs to express my feelings.

GH: Can you tell us more about your experience performing live at gigs and what was the most memorable experience you had?

N’Naya: Performing live at gigs would be a memorable experience, but I just started doing music professionally in less than three months. Right now, I focus on getting my music out and building a fanbase before performing at gigs. I will do online live performances for my fans in the coming months. However, I will accept some gig offers to perform live if they come.

GH: How is your process of songwriting set around?

N’Naya: My songwriting process is not definite. Sometimes, I might be taking a walk, and a song will come to my mind, and I will record it on my phone immediately. Then, I will have a listen to my recording to assess it. Other times, I will listen to a beat I have made, and a song that fits it flows naturally.

GH: What motivates you to create music and bring awareness to different situations through your songs?

N’Naya: Music is a powerful way to bring awareness to different situations. Music would serve as a lifelong outlet for my creativity and emotions. Creating music allows me to express myself authentically and share my unique perspective. My musical style is Assemblage Music, a fusion of different genres that allows me to express myself in different ways that resonate with diverse cultures and heritage. By incorporating different elements, I hope to celebrate and honour different cultural backgrounds and share them with a broader audience. I hope my music will be universal, something most people can relate to. As an academic, I plan to use my music as a platform for social commentary on issues I research. I want to bring awareness to important social issues through my lyrics and encourage dialogue and action.

GH: Could you share some insights into your next projects?

N’Naya: I hope to release singles in the coming months until the end of the year.

The last I got to be released on 12 April is “Winner.” "Winner" is a joyous song celebrating a wedding day. The lyrics express the happiness of the couple and the excitement of the wedding party. The song's themes include: Finding Love: The song expresses the joy of someone who has found a soulmate, a "heart's desire." The search for love is over, and they are ready to commit.

Wedding Celebration: The song emphasizes the celebratory nature of the wedding. It's a "special day" filled with "happiness" and opportunities to "dance," "jubilate," and "dine and wine."

Shared Victory: The couple is referred to as "winners," "undefeated reigning champions." This metaphor portrays marriage as a victory or triumph, suggesting a strong and enduring partnership.

Family and Friends: The lyrics encourage the couple to "call your mama," "papa," "brothers," and other relatives, highlighting the importance of family in the celebration.

Overall, "Winner" is an upbeat and celebratory song that captures the joy of finding love and committing to marriage.




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