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Emily Fraser Sparks Musical Revolution: From 'Controller' to 'The Missing Part' and Her Latest Single 'Do I Stay'!

Singer-Songwriter Emily Fraser Sits On A Q&A With Goathead, delving into the Inspiration Behind Her Music and Journey with Goathead Records

Emily Fraser © 2024


Today we have the pleasure to have Emily on a Special Goathead's Q&A

GHR: Emily, finally great to have you here! Let's start from the beginning of it all!

What inspired you to start writing music?

Emily: Great to be here! What a journey! I was taking piano lessons since the age of 4, singing in recitals and in choirs pretty much my entire childhood, and I come from a very musical family. My dad is also a writer, so I think that inclination is just in my blood. What truly inspired me to start writing for myself though was wanting so badly to be like my favorite singers, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys…the singing and dancing and production of it all just looked like everything I ever wanted out of life. So, chasing that aspiration along with my family background just brought it all together for me.

GHR: Can you delve into the story behind your song, Controller?

Emily: "Controller" marked a significant point in my journey. It wasn't just about releasing a song; it was about reclaiming power. Prior to its release, I faced setbacks and lost time due to a failed development deal. Instead of letting frustration consume me, I channeled it into "Controller." This anthem embodies taking control back from those who try to dictate our lives. Writing it was cathartic, and I hoped it would inspire others to stand up for themselves too.

GHR: What drives you to create music that raises awareness of different situations?

Emily: Music is my sanctuary, where I recharge and heal. It's an innate pull within me. Sometimes, I find myself writing songs when I should be doing something else. It's an irresistible force, a way for me to express and bring attention to various issues.

GHR: "The Missing Part" has a distinct energy from "Controller." Does it symbolize a new phase in your life?

Emily: Absolutely! "The Missing Part" represents growth and self-expression. While "Controller" reflected frustration and empowerment, this song signifies moving forward and embracing my true self. The change in musical style and visuals reflects this transition, showing a different side of me and my artistry.

GHR: Could you give us a glimpse into your latest project, "Do I Stay?"

Emily: "Do I Stay?" is a deeply personal project exploring the complexities of love and trust. It's about that gut feeling telling you something isn't right, yet you find yourself lingering. With ASTRØMAN's incredible production, we've created something I'm immensely proud of. Expect real emotions woven into creative storytelling, accompanied by unique visuals.

GHR: As an artist under development Goathead Records, how has the journey been for you?

Emily: Working with Goathead Records has been incredibly rewarding. Unlike past experiences, I feel truly supported here. They celebrate my individuality and offer invaluable guidance. Together, we've opened doors and paved a clear path forward in the music industry. It's a journey I'm enjoying every step of.

GHR: What advice would you offer to aspiring artists just starting out?

Emily: Invest in yourself and your craft. Quality is key. Don't be afraid to spend money on your music—it's an investment in your future. Additionally, focus on developing your unique brand and don't rush the process. Experiment, learn, and adapt. Success takes time and perseverance, so keep pushing forward and trust the journey.



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