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G Knight Unveiled: The Artistry Behind "THE ILL FIGURE"

Delve into the Musical Realm of G Knight as He Explores "THE ILL FIGURE" in a Q&A Session.

G Knight © 2023


Today We Have The Pleasure To Have G Knight Here On Goathead!

GH: Hey G Knight ! Great to have you here! What inspired you to start writing music?

G Knight: My inspiration for writing music came to me at a young age. When I was in elementary school and completing a class project to make a poem, I wrote a goofy rap about things I like, including goodies like Halo, Star Wars, being a ninja, and fighting mythical creatures. Surprisingly, my father told me I had talent and should write more. Unfortunately, I didn't think I was great and was embarrassed to perform. Instead of writing songs, I began to read and write short stories while keeping my music aspirations hidden. After some time, I became more open and vocal about my love for writing music. Rap has always been my favorite genre, and I've followed rappers such as Drake, Eminem, J. Cole, Lil Wayne, Suicideboys, Kendrick Lamar, and others. This is where I truly discovered music and realized I had a talent for it. I began showing friends and family, and the support was huge. That's what inspired me to write music: friends, family, and those artists on the big screen. Music is a blessing and a transformative discovery. It's a whole new world to experiment with, and new genres and styles are emerging. I want to be a part of history and show the world what I can do.

GH: Can you tell us more about your experience performing live at gigs and what was the most memorable experience you had?

G Knight: I actually haven't performed live or even had a gig. I've only recently started taking music seriously and investing my spare time and money to pursue it. It's a hobby I know I have talent for, and I simply enjoy making it for myself, close friends, and family. I aimed to create music that I'd want to hear on the radio. I would love to finally experience what it's truly like to be on stage and witness people who love and appreciate my craft. Perhaps the most memorable experience I've had was when I first started creating music in elementary school, and my dad loved it. He even wanted me to showcase my work to his friends. I was embarrassed back then, but now I'm proud of how far I've come.

GH: How is your process of songwriting set around?

G Knight: My process for writing songs is influenced by the music I listen to and events in my life. Much of my inspiration comes from artists like Suicideboys and other rap artists, a wide range of influences. I get myself into a creative mindset and let the words flow onto the paper. Half of my material is drawn from personal experiences with friends or life in general, while the other half consists of creative ideas I come up with. I enjoy exploring different themes, whether it's expressing my feelings about a tough experience or capturing moments that make me feel on top of the world. My wordplay ties everything together. The process involves finding a beat that resonates with me and then crafting lines that follow a rhythm that's pleasing to the ear and unique in its delivery. Sometimes I achieve exactly what I had in mind, and other times, it's a process of trial and error, driven by persistence and determination.

GH: What motivates you to create music and bring awareness to different situations through your songs?

G Knight: My friends are my primary source of motivation. They've always encouraged me to keep creating and have supported me throughout. Their honesty, tips, and advice have been invaluable. These friends, some of whom I've written about, have kept me going even in tough times. I've been through a lot, and my lyrics often reflect how some people have taken advantage of my friendship or love. I'm still exploring what I'm comfortable opening up about in my music, and I'm sure my friends will play a role in helping me shape that direction. Another significant motivation is myself. I recognize my writing talent and I'm investing time in learning about sound and production to elevate my music to the next level. I started this journey as a hobby to keep myself occupied and happy, and I told myself that if it evolves into something more, I'll push myself to reach new heights.

GH: Could you share some insights into your next projects?

G Knight: My current project is a significant undertaking. This year, I've taken my music seriously and initially drew heavy inspiration from my favorite band, Suicideboys. While most of my work fit within that genre, I'm now discovering my own unique sound and delving into a variety of influences. This next project embodies my style and showcases the full range of my abilities. It's modern, fun, and reflects everything that defines me. I'm incorporating every aspect of myself into the lyrics and the music



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