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"Hold Music" by The Kiss That Took A Trip: A Futuristic Ode to Disillusionment

M.D. Trello's latest self-produced masterpiece dances between ambient soundscapes and biting lyrical commentary, pulling listeners into an introspective whirlwind.

The Kiss That Took A Trip © 2023


With the release of "Hold Music," The Kiss That Took A Trip, the auditory brainchild of M.D. Trello, makes a triumphant return from its hiatus. This EP, a precursor to a fourth full-length album, showcases Trello's finesse in blending electronic beats, pop sensibilities, and a fuzzy atmosphere that is unmistakably TKTTAT. Not only is the music compositionally rich, but the lyrics delve into themes of disillusionment, desire, disappointment, and introspection.

1. Everything is Disappointing

From the title itself, the song sets the tone for a reflection on disillusionment and monotony. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of daily drudgery, where everything and everyone seems to be a letdown. The mantra-like repetition of "Everything is Disappointing" resonates with the contemporary sentiment of being overwhelmed and disillusioned by the sheer weight of existence. The musical composition, with its pulsating industrial beats, delivers an auditory manifestation of this universal sentiment. Trello's nod to Nine Inch Nails is evident, making this track a perfect opener.

2. Tastes like Copper

A pulsating dance number, "Tastes like Copper" juxtaposes kinetic energy with the raw emotion of lust, desire, and the human need for connection. The repeating chant of "Thin Skin" serves as a reminder of human fragility and vulnerability. The ebb and flow of the song take listeners on a journey through highs of desire and lows of vulnerability, making it an auditory delight.

3. Spiteful Hopeful

This track stands out as an open letter, a catharsis. The lyrics express deep-seated emotions, confrontations, and the complexities of human relationships. Trello's biting commentary is punctuated by the eerie repetition of "SICK 666", perhaps hinting at the dark underbelly of human nature or societal decay. The track is raw and unfiltered, allowing listeners a glimpse into the tumultuous psyche of the artist.

4. A Missing Star in the Sky (pts. 1 & 2)

Closing the album with a two-parter, this track is a rich tapestry of emotions. The inclusion of a voice clip from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" is a masterstroke, injecting a vintage charm and nostalgia into the mix. This track serves as an introspective journey, with moments of self-reflection, melancholy, and a yearning for something lost. Trello's musical composition here is ambient and soulful, allowing the lyrics to shine and wrap up the album beautifully. In conclusion, "Hold Music" is not just an EP; it's a journey through the complex tapestry of human emotions. M.D. Trello's self-written and self-produced effort is a testament to his immense talent. This collection of tracks is a perfect blend of artistry and raw emotion, making it a must-listen for those who seek depth in their music.

The anticipation for the fourth album from The Kiss That Took A Trip is now sky-high, and if "Hold Music" is any indication, it promises to be a treat.



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