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Jacquie Roar: Unleashing the Power of Heartbreak Through Soulful Melodies

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

The Singer-Songwriter Combines 70's Vibes with Modern Emotion to Create a Captivating Musical Journey

Jacquie Roar © 2023


Today we have the honor to have Jacquie on Goathead!

GH: Hey Jacquie, Great to have you here! You had a self-made journey as a singer-songwriter, starting at a young age. What were some of the challenges you faced along the way, and how did they shape you as an artist?

Jacquie Roar: Hey Goathead, thanks for having me! The biggest challenge in my musical career was that I was always looking for love. I would put everyone’s needs in front of mine because I thought that’s what love was. In retrospect, I wasted a lot of time on relationships. I should have poured that love into myself and into my music. My last relationship really turned me into a shell of a person. I was rock bottom. But one day I left and never looked back. I rebuilt myself into the woman I wanted to be and decided I wouldn’t compromise my goals or dreams for anyone. I haven’t since! I have found my talent, my passion and my balance for family, friends, work and artistry. I have such an amazing support group with people who push me to do more and better instead of holding me back. Life is good now. You’ll definitely see it in my work to come.

GH: You've had the opportunity to perform alongside acclaimed artists such as Martina McBride, Alan Jackson, and Kelsea Ballerini. How have these experiences influenced your growth as a vocalist, and what have you learned from sharing the stage with such established musicians?

Jacquie Roar: Alongside is a stretch but I did get to sing before they came on stage. When I met Martina, she was getting over a cold. She still rocked her whole set like she had her full voice! Alan, I think was my most favorite because I had to sneak back stage while he was doing his encore just to snag a photo with him and it was sooooo worth it. He gave me some advice in pursuing music before he went back on stage. It’s a core memory for me. These experiences were before I had any confidence in my singing. I didn’t even have a band. Those moments replayed in my mind for me and it was fuel. It still is. I won’t be satisfied until I’m on stage as the next Miranda or Lainey.

GH: Your songwriting approach is rooted in personal experiences, offering a fresh perspective on dealing with heartbreak. Can you tell us about a specific song where you feel you've truly captured the essence of your own journey and emotions?

Jacquie Roar: Everyone has had their heart broken in one way or another. Relationships are hard no matter if it is family or friends or a significant other. I Try to write songs that people can connect to. I want to give them the words they can’t get out or even the feelings they can’t quite pinpoint. It’s like when a person only portrays anger after a breakup when really they just want to cry and don’t know how to allow themselves to release that pain. That’s what I hope I accomplish in my song writing. Emotional liberation and freedom. The song “Love Me Again” gives you male and female perspective on a relationship that is hanging on by a thread. Two people who love each other but don’t know how to communicate their love. It’s one of my favorites that I wrote with Lace + Thorn. The song is very stripped down and allows the voice to take you to emotionalville.

GH: As an artist who combines a darker sound from the '70s with modern material, how do you strike a balance between honoring the past and pushing musical boundaries to create something fresh and innovative?

Jacquie Roar: I absolutely love the 70’s. Especially the guitar licks and solos. It’s been pretty easy for me to create melodies that float over the compositions my dear friend, Cary Miga, has written. We just click when it comes to writing. We both grew up on 70’s and Southern Rock music but I draw inspiration mostly from Fleetwood Mac. The biggest challenge for me is that I sometimes go too deep and get too dark. I have to reel it back to allow others in so they can relate. The same meaning, but with better words I guess. I’m also an over thinker, so I’ll rewrite my words at least 10 times before I work on it with others to polish it off.

GH: What can your fans expect from you in terms of future work? Are there any upcoming projects, collaborations, or themes that you're particularly excited about exploring in your music?

Jacquie Roar: I am extremely excited to release my first solo project. I recently recorded an EP with some of the greats! My producer, Jason Mater. My Tracking producer, David Kalmusky at Addiction Sound Studios in Nashville. I had exquisite session players such as Nir Z and Steve Mackey! And of course my favorite dude, Cary Miga. We tore that studio up. I ate that mic and took it home. I can’t wait to blow minds. I invested everything I had into myself and decided to go all out. I got to write with an amazing woman named Lee Anna James. She brought out my inner warrior. She also gave me a killer song that I can’t wait to release because it is everything I would have loved to say to an ex lol. I will also be releasing a song written by Niko Moon, Jason Mater and Jake Rose. I can easily say that Jason really helped me explore my artistry. He challenged me to push past the safe zone. This is this happiest I’ve been because this is the truest form of the entertainer I am.

GH: Thank You For Sharing Your Story with Us Jacquie, We have no doubts we will hear some of your great music making important moves soon!

Jacquie Roar:Thank you for your questions, and I appreciate the opportunity to share my journey and music with you.



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