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Sangina: A Musical Journey from Soul Rooted Passion to Profession

Exploring the Inspirations, Performances, and Creative Process of Rising Kazakhstan Artist Sangina

Sangina ©️ 2024

Today we have the pleasure of having this uprising artist on Goathead !


GHR: Hey Sangina! What inspired you to start writing and making music?

Sangina: From a young age, I had a deep love for music. It was innate, something that flowed effortlessly within me. Little did I know that this passion would evolve into my profession. As I immersed myself further into music—singing, performing—I found myself falling more deeply in love with it. Witnessing the positive impact my music had on people, seeing how it brought them joy, inspired me to pursue it wholeheartedly and professionally. I began creating music that reflected my inner world, my taste, and explored themes close to my heart. What motivates me is the profound impact music has had on my life—it's been my solace in times of distress, loneliness, happiness, and sadness. Music has always been my companion, helping me express myself, my emotions, and find answers to many questions. It has provided me with warmth; I cannot imagine life without it. Inspiring similar emotions and sensations in others fuels my passion for creating new songs. I want others to experience the diverse range of emotions and enjoyments I derive from my favorite songs, compositions, and classical pieces. Through my music, I aim to provide others with the same opportunity to explore a spectrum of emotions and find solace.

GHR: Can you tell us more about your experience performing live at gigs and what was the most memorable experience you had?

Sangina: I'm gearing up for my next concert, which happens to be on my birthday, March 21st. The venue is Molly Malone's in Los Angeles, and my set starts at 9 pm. I'm really excited, and I would love to invite you to celebrate my birthday with me at the show!

  I have had the privilege of performing live since I was 12 years old. I've performed for various audiences, ranging from government officials to people from different countries, across Europe, Asia, and America. My goal has always been to evoke emotions and bring joy to the spectators. From television appearances to live broadcasts, radio shows, and concerts in front of thousands, I've had diverse experiences. Among them, the most memorable was my solo performance at the age of 12. Despite the nerves and extensive preparation, having my closest family members—my parents, grandparents—in the audience supporting me made it truly special. Another significant moment was winning the grand prize at a competition in Turkey, witnessing my grandmother's tears of joy. Moments like these are pivotal, warm, and unforgettable.


GHR: How is your process of songwriting set around?

Sangina: My songwriting process is somewhat chaotic, and there isn't one specific method I follow. Sometimes, a melody comes to me over an existing beat. Other times, I develop the main lead melody from a demo. Then, I work on writing lyrics, refining the beat, improving the demo's quality, and collaborating with music producers for further refinement. Finally, I record everything and prepare it for release.

GHR: What motivates you to create music and bring awareness to different situations through your songs?

Sangina: Music allows me to express myself, my thoughts, insights, and life experiences, and share them with the world. I aim to inspire, spread kindness, and share my experiences. Through music, I constantly discover new facets of myself, spreading positivity and contributing to the development of culture and the music industry.


Additionally, I grow alongside my music and creativity, sharing insights and conveying messages through my songs. My motivation stems from my love for music and passion for inspiring others, spreading kindness, and sharing experiences.

GHR: Could you share some insights into your next projects?

  I've learned the importance of finishing projects promptly, preserving the initial excitement and passion. Completing songs quickly prevents them from feeling like a chore. It's crucial not to overextend during production and to trust one's instincts. Moreover, I've realized the significance of disregarding every opinion, especially from critics, and focusing on trusted individuals within my circle. Ultimately, I strive to improve, experiment, and deliver messages that resonate with others, ensuring the success of my songs.

For this year, 2024, I have several songs ready for release. I recently released a track titled "Run Out Of Time," which I've been working on for several years. It's one of my most significant works to date, and I'm extremely proud of it. The message behind this song is the importance of focusing on what truly makes us happy, prioritizing time with loved ones over material pursuits. Life is fleeting, and our family and friends are the most valuable treasures.


My upcoming release is a tribute to my homeland, which I dearly miss since moving from Kazakhstan to the US a year ago. Titled "My Motherland," it reflects on my journey of starting a new life here, while still grappling with the occasional challenges of being far from home. I plan to release it both in English and in Kazakh separately.


Additionally, I have a dance track called "Replay" with Latin vibes in the pipeline. It's a catchy tune perfect for summer, capturing the passion between two individuals at a party.


Another exciting release is "Breath Away," a collaboration with the talented music producer, singer, and songwriter Danna Max. We wrote this EDM pop track swiftly, and I thoroughly enjoyed the creative process. It's a song that's sure to resonate with listeners.


I also have several other songs in the works, each one inching closer to its release date. Stay tuned for more updates!



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