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“The Finite Beings”: Crafting Sonic Realms from Dark Intensity to Contemplative Depths.

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Explore the Musical Tapestry of The Finite Beings as They Navigate from Baritone Guitars to Enigmatic Melodies, Creating a Powerful, Alternative Rock Sonic Experience.

The Finite Beings ©️ 2023


The Finite Beings, renowned New Jersey's Christian Alternative Rock's band composed by Michael Nicholas, Donny DePaola and Hunter Kino released a new EP's titled "A Shell of What Could Be".

The EP, delivers a potent blend of hard rock and mysterious melodic alternative rock tendencies, showcasing the band's ability in the rock-alternative genre.

Opening with "Untamed," the EP immediately immerses the listener in a world of music intensity, driven by the resonating baritone guitars, thunderous dual drum pedals and mesmerizing vocal melodies. The instrumental complexity sets the stage for a journey through the band's distinctive sound. Maintaining a consistent hard rock mix, "The Virus" and "The Shade" demonstrate the band's ability to weave intricate melodies without relying on conventional descriptors. The transitions between tracks are seamless, each offering a unique sonic experience.

"Time Slave" introduces an enigmatic atmosphere, accompanied by impressive vocal melodies that complement the instrumental arrangements. Throughout the EP, the vocals play a pivotal role, showcasing a range that harmonizes with the intricate musical composition. A mysterious ballad with klezmerian and Arabic scales with a quite Beatlesque chord progression.

Closing with ballad "Hope is Sleeping in Grace’s Arms," the EP leaves a contemplative impression.

The extraordinary band's capacity to craft a comprehensive sonic narrative, inviting reflection.

"The Finite Beings," as a collective of individuals embracing their "finite" nature, reveal a remarkable ability to create powerful, divine musical expressions. "A Shell of What Could Be" stands as a compelling addition to the rock-alternative landscape, pushing boundaries, without falling for the "haunting alternative" banality. The EP is a testament to the band's dedication to their craft, offering an immersive exploration of the intricate realms of the intrensic alternative rock scene.



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