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A Candid Conversation with Sophie Breton: The Journey of a Rising Musician

From Self-Doubt to Creative Freedom - Discovering the Authenticity of Music and What Lies Ahead

Sophie Breton ©2023


Today We Have The Pleasure To Have This Great Artist Here On Goathead!

GH: Hi Sophie, Welcome ! What inspired you to start writing music?

Sophie Breton: On and off, I wrote songs since my childhood but never shared it or even finished it. I had this passion for music and loved singing but never knew I could really bring it to life. I kinda felt like I wasn't enough to do that. Also, none of my parents or members of my family were artists so I didn't have a model for that. I tried to be more conventional but it never really felt like I was myself. It changed when I went to college in 2016 and met friends who were making music for fun, I really found my people there and felt comfortable enough to play some music with them. We were going to the studio and we were fooling around but it was so fun to be creative even though nothing concrete was made. Then, I joined university and felt completely lost but decided to turn my emotions into songs that eventually I decided to put out on platforms. I really thought I would get 5 streams but surprisingly it worked and I continued doing more and more music.

GH: Can you tell us more about your experience performing live at gigs and what was the most memorable experience you had?

Sophie Breton: What is your background and how did you grow up?

I'm a French Canadian, born and raised in a small town in Canada, my work is really bilingual influenced. I did not release a French song yet but I would love to do it in the future; I'm still working on that. I was really influenced by small independent artists back in the days from Billie Eilish in the US to Charlotte Cardin in Canada to start making music on my own and to develop something tinted from where I come from. I think I have the chance and honor to be a frenchie and to have a music background fulfilled with so many artists, so I have everything in my heart and soul to draw my path and to stay true to myself in this complex industry.

GH: How is your process of songwriting set around?

Sophie Breton: I really don't have a specific process, I'm not a routine kind of person, haha! Sometimes I go in the studio with ideas and sometimes I don't. Sometimes a songwriter friend of mine has an idea and we go with it. I just try to go with the flow as much as possible so that the music feels down to earth, authentic, and vibrant.

GH: What motivates you to create music and bring awareness to different situations through your songs?

Sophie Breton: I think creating music for me is a part of the process when I'm living my emotions and understanding phases of life, but it's also made of conversations I share with friends and people I meet. Sometimes I'm amazed at how I discover myself through music and how I'm more aware of the world we live in. I think we can feel alone a lot in life, stuck in our routine, scared of sharing our feelings, but music has the power to bring people together and to make humans feel less lonely in their emotions and their life; it fulfills my heart when I think of it.

GH: Could you share some insights into your next projects?

Sophie Breton: Oh, I've been working a lot in the past months on new music. 2024 sounds good! I've written more than ever, and I can't wait to share the new stuff; I hope it will resonate through people's hearts.


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