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A-Legend Unveiled: The Inspiring Musical Journey, Authenticity, and Resonance with Fans

Delve into the Depths of A-Legend's Musical Odyssey, Connecting with Fans through Authenticity and Leaving a Lasting Impact

A-Legend ©️ 2023


GH: Good to have you here, A-Legend.

What inspired you to pursue a career in music?

A-LEGEND: Well, I've been singing since I was 5 years old in church. My mom used to tell me that I would get excited to share what I had sung or recorded when she came home from work. Music became a way for me to feel free and express my emotions. When I was 12, I took a hip-hop class, and it became therapeutic for me.

GH: Could you tell us about your creative process when writing and composing songs?

A-LEGEND: For me, I have to experience life or go through pain, something that impacts me and makes me want to write about it. My creative process depends on my mood and how I'm feeling on a particular day. I let the beat guide me and flow with a melody, even if it doesn't make sense at first. Then I start writing based on that melody. Sometimes I come prepared, but it really depends on my mood, energy, and vibe.

GH: Are there any particular artists or genres that have influenced your musical style?

A-LEGEND: Yeah, Eminem was my childhood idol. He made me feel like I could say whatever I wanted on the mic, regardless of what was going on in my life. His stories and the freedom he had to speak his mind inspired me. Drake also does that by talking about his life and relationships in a melodic way that you can feel. He's the blueprint for today's melodic rap style, and I love that. Mac Miller was a genuine artist and a true music soul. His artistry resonated with me. Pac inspired me with his passion and rawness; he brought his lyrics to life and spoke his truth fearlessly. Biggie had an effortless flow that no one can replicate. Logic, for being himself and mixing his nerdy side with music and his persona. The Weeknd, especially during his "House of Balloons" and "Trilogy" eras, brought darkness and mystery to his music. Kanye West for his genius, being ahead of his time, and fearlessly experimenting with his artistic vision.

GH: What was the inspiration behind "Goodbye or See You Later" and how did the song come together?

A-LEGEND: The inspiration for "Goodbye or See You Later" came from the collective experience of artists who have been pursuing their dreams for years without seeing significant changes. It's about feeling burnt out, doubting if things will ever work, and dealing with the pain of friends and family who don't understand your music or believe in your success because they haven't seen it yet. The idea came to me when I dropped "Life's Goes On" in 2021 and took a break in Miami from working on my old projects and a 9-5 job during the pandemic. I thought, maybe this is a "Goodbye or See You Later" moment, and the title popped into my head. I had recorded several songs between 2020 and 2023, so I decided to base the project on this concept.

GH: How do you connect with your audience through your music?

A-LEGEND: I connect with my audience by being true to myself and transparent. I've noticed that people resonate when they can relate to the struggles and pain I express in my music. It can be both a blessing and a curse because I attract those who relate and understand, but also face judgment from others.



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