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Breaking Musical Barriers: Bassah's Journey of Introspection, Energy, and Collaborative Magic

Exploring the Visionary Lyrics, Genre-blending Sound, Electrifying Performances, and Meaningful Collaborations of Rising Artist, Bassah.

Bassah © 2023


Today We Have The Pleasure Of Having Bassah Here With Us At Goathead!

GH: Bassah, it's awesome to have you here ! your latest single “Cruisin” has been receiving great reviews for its raw and introspective lyrics. Can you share with us the inspiration behind the song and what message you hope to convey to your listeners?

Bassah: Goathead, Thank you for having me! When I wrote 'Cruisin'," I was actually in the mindset of challenging myself to move away from using personal experiences as the sole basis for my writing. My intention was to create a vivid experience for the listener, one that they could easily visualize and immerse themselves in. That's why I used visionary lyrics to depict a specific setting while also providing an introspective perspective to describe the emotional state I was in at the time. When my listeners hear my music, my goal is to either offer them a unique experience or provide something they can relate to. Then Monetize heard the song, and he wrote his verse in about 5 minutes. It turned out great and truly enhanced the portrayal of two individuals cruising through life, regardless of the emotions they may be experiencing, be it in a literal or metaphorical sense.

GH: Your music seamlessly blends different genres, creating a unique and captivating sound which fans have acknowledged you for. How do you approach the process of merging diverse musical influences, and how does this contribute to your artistic identity?

Bassah: I really like this question. I believe music is a universal language with infinite ways to connect with listeners. When I create music, I draw inspiration from various genres since my playlist is incredibly diverse. There isn't a specific type of music that I don't listen to. When starting a new song, I usually begin with the instrumental. It serves as a guiding force, determining the reality I want to create. As a result, the songs I write are a blend of the particular personality I choose for the day and the genre of music that resonates with my current mood.

GH: Your live performances are known for their electrifying energy and powerful stage presence. How do you prepare yourself mentally and physically before stepping on stage, and what do you love most about connecting with your audience through your live shows?

Bassah: Live performances are a lot of fun, especially when you're well-prepared! My favorite aspect of performing is definitely the connection with the audience and witnessing their reactions to my music and energy. Their enthusiasm truly fuels me. Adequate preparation on the day of the performance is absolutely crucial. I strive to keep negativity at bay and focus on honing my mindset. When you're on stage, it's important to put your best foot forward and showcase your utmost character. After all, people attend live shows for an entertaining experience. Additionally, I ensure to do my vocal warm-ups and prepare my lungs to be in good shape, particularly because I have asthma. It can be tiring, so I take proper care of myself through cardio exercises, vocal warm-ups, and lots of honey!

GH: Your songwriting often delves into personal experiences and emotions, allowing listeners to relate on a deep level. How do you navigate the vulnerability that comes with sharing your innermost thoughts through your music, and what impact do you hope your songs have on those who listen?

Bassah: At times, my music is undeniably drawn from personal experiences. However, navigating through vulnerability can be challenging because I often hesitate to confront uncomfortable feelings. Nevertheless, I am aware that when emotions are left unaddressed, they can manifest in negative ways. Transparency and authenticity are values I hold dear. I aim for my listeners to feel comfortable experiencing and processing any difficult emotions they may be dealing with, as well as amplifying their moments of elation. I want them to wholeheartedly embrace the human experience and share it in its rawest form, together!

GH: Collaborations have played a significant role in your career, with notable artists from different genres joining forces with you on various projects for example the singles featuring Monetize and Alonje. How do these collaborations enrich your musical journey, and are there any dream collaborations and projects in sight you have in mind for the future?

Bassah: Believe it or not, when I first started writing music, collaborating was the only thing I knew how to do. It was difficult for me to write an entire single. Now, it has become so much easier, and for that, I am very thankful. However, collaboration brings a completely different dynamic to music, both within the song and in the writing process. It makes writing a lot more enjoyable and builds strong connections. It's like creating a musical baby with the other person, and you get to cherish that together forever. Some of my favorite songs are the ones I worked on with Monetize and Alonje, and they were both amazing to collaborate with. I hope to collaborate with them more in the future. When it comes to dream collaborations, I'm greatly inspired by The Jonas Brothers. So working with any one of them or even all three would be a dream come true. I also recently discovered an independent artist named "Ren." His music is unique, and it has even shifted my perspective on writing, which is a powerful thing to experience. So working with him would be absolutely incredible.

GH: Thank you for the amazing chat, Bassah! Hope to hear from you and your music soon!

Bassah: Thank You Goathead ! It was my pleasure and honor for you guys to listen to my story! New Music Will Be Coming Out Soon!



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