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D.K. Lyons: The Musical Maverick Redefining Authenticity and Emotional Connection

From Lyrical Creativity to Prolific Releases, D.K. Lyons Takes Fans on a Journey of Laughter, Love, Dance, and Tears

D.K. Lyons © 2023

Today we have the pleasure to have D.K. Lyons here on Goathead !

GH: D.K. Lyons, welcome! we are happy to have you here! Your music has been praised for its lyrical creativity and intrigue. How do you infuse these elements into your songwriting process?

D.K. Lyons: Hey Goathead !Pleasure to be here! I’ve been writing song lyrics since I was 5 years old, and it’s funny to look back now on what I was writing in elementary school, high school, and even college to see how my unique style and voice have been shaped over time. I’m at a point now where if I write something, it needs to really stand out or get me excited because I’ve kind of "been there, done that," having written so much material before. I now view songs as mini-movies that should "take the listener on a journey," as cliché as that sounds. Especially since I try to abide by the "no clichés" rule!

But I find so much inspiration in the world around me. New York City is such a special playground that brings out a variety of songwriting material, and I'm always getting hit with new ideas. When I start writing a song, I usually have the entire set of lyrics in front of me within 5 minutes. From there, it's a lot of tweaking, revising, and even stepping away from it for a bit and coming back with fresh eyes. But overall, I'm just trying to ask questions, express my emotions, and hopefully connect with people who share similar experiences.

GH: Can you tell us about the inspirations behind your favorite song and how you approached creating a cohesive musical experience?

D.K. Lyons: My newest single, "Everything is Wonderful," is a great example of being inspired by my surroundings. I was going through a tough period of time last year and would often take walks through my neighborhood to clear my head. As I was strolling through Madison Square Park, the song "Everywhere" by Fleetwood Mac came on, and I witnessed so many happy people enjoying this little oasis in the middle of such a vast city. That moment inspired me to create a story about a protagonist (aka me) who lives and dies on the "big things" in life, missing out on the amazing "small things" that make up the world. This wise, confident love interest helps the protagonist learn to appreciate the little things. I created the beat, chord progression, hook, and lyrics within minutes of getting home from that walk. These types of songs that effortlessly appear out of nowhere usually become my favorites.

GH: Your song "When We Were Falling in Love" has resonated with many listeners. Could you share the story behind the song and what inspired you to write it?

D.K. Lyons: I had written a song called "The Sadness" that confronts a toxic love interest and is almost a pep talk to move on from it. But after a similar incident unfolded in my real life, I started to take stock of the relationship and realized that I had learned a lot and grown as a person as a result. I wanted to write a song that expressed gratitude while also acknowledging that not every love is meant to last forever, and that's okay. The lead melody and title were ideas I had written down and recorded when I was about 13, but I was excited to turn them on their heads with the last line of the chorus that goes, "When you are falling in love, you never think about moving on." I think that part resonates with people who have also experienced a strong relationship falling apart but can still find ways to be grateful for it.

GH: As a singer, songwriter, and producer, you wear multiple hats in the music industry. How do you balance these roles, and what do you find most fulfilling about each one?

D.K. Lyons: As a singer, songwriter, and producer, I believe that each role is interconnected and contributes to the overall creative process. Balancing these roles can be challenging at times, but it also allows me to have a comprehensive understanding of my music from inception to completion.

As a singer, the most fulfilling aspect for me is the ability to express myself through my voice. Singing allows me to convey emotions, connect with listeners, and bring life to the lyrics and melodies I've written. There's something incredibly powerful about using my voice as an instrument and sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings with the world.

As a songwriter, I find fulfillment in the process of crafting a story and creating something meaningful. Writing lyrics is like painting a picture with words, and it gives me the freedom to explore different themes, perspectives, and experiences. It's a deeply personal and cathartic journey that allows me to connect with others who resonate with my songs.

Lastly, as a producer, I enjoy the technical aspects of music production and bringing all the elements together to create a cohesive sound. It's a meticulous process that involves arranging, recording, mixing, and mastering the music. Being involved in the production allows me to shape the overall sonic landscape and ensure that my artistic vision is fully realized. Overall, each role brings its own unique fulfillment. Singing allows me to connect on an emotional level, songwriting enables me to tell stories and connect with listeners, and production brings the music to life. The synergy between these roles is what makes the creative process truly rewarding for me.

GH: Looking ahead, what can fans expect from D.K. Lyons in terms of future releases and projects? Are there any exciting plans or collaborations on the horizon?

D.K. Lyons: 2023 is going to continue to be a big year for me as I have an additional four singles planned through the end of the year, which is crazy considering I've already put out four so far! I've been blessed to be in a fairly prolific period of writing and recording over the last 9 months, so I have a wealth of material that's going to be part of a much bigger project that will hopefully come out next year. But until then, I'm going to keep putting out new singles and hopefully continue to see my audience grow. And of course, there will be a music video for each release, don't you worry.

I really am so lucky to have so many great collaborations in the works this year as well. One of my upcoming singles is a collaboration with one of my best friends, Rafa Soto, a Colombian pop artist who also did the Summer Lullabies Remix with me last year. It's a bop, and I can't wait to share it with the world. My good friend Pheenix just dropped his new album, which features a song called "On the Run" that we wrote and sang together, and I'll be in London in August to film a video with him for it. I'm also going to be directing a video for my friend Natalie Livingston, who was featured on "Where Do All the Sad Girls Go?" for her new single "Reuben," which drops later this month. And then lastly, I'm working on some really exciting projects with my sister and my cousin that are in development at the moment. If you couldn't tell, I'm incredibly Type A and am at my best when I'm piling on in terms of projects!

GH: For fans looking to find out more about D.K. Lyons, what would your elevator pitch be to them?

D.K. Lyons: My intent as an artist is simple: create authentic, enjoyable music that makes people "laugh, dance, cry, and repeat," as my Instagram bio cheekily states. The greatest joy for me comes from crafting a song, imagining it being sung back to me by a crowd of passionate people who have connected to the song, and then seeing it play out exactly like that in real life. I told my mom I was going to be a rock star when I was 5, and to be living it out as an artist in NYC now is truly incredible. Because art is a release, it unites us and inspires us, and I'm here to hopefully inspire as many people as I possibly can and be inspired to keep making my art because of it. What a beautiful and gracious cycle that is.



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