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DBN Kai...from Baltimore To The World

"How DBN Kai Is Setting Trend To Be A Massive Artists with His Music...and Focus"

Today guest is DBN KAI, a rapper and artist from the United States. DBN KAI, who was raised in Baltimore's inner city, was determined to succeed. DBN KAI is a rising artist with a diverse spectrum of meticulous and precise flows. With songs like "Sunny Day" and "Validation" amassing tens of thousands of plays on his Spotify, he's showcasing his talent and artistry to the world, and it's set to take off.

We had the pleasure to sit down with him for a Q&A.

Q: Hey DBN Kai, Welcome to Goathead!

DBN KAI: My pleasure.

Q: What inspired you to pursue a career in music? Share your story and the pivotal moments that led you to become the artist you are today.

DBN KAI: My father's and family's musical tastes influenced me to pursue music. As a child, my father introduced me to pursue hip hop, and I began freestyling and rapping at the age of five. At the age of nine, I created my first rap and sang it for my father; from then on, I free-styled to practically every beat I could ever find.

Q: How did you discover your musical style and genre? Was there a particular event or experience that influenced your artistic direction?

DBN KAI: I didn't have a specific style when I first started freestyling to music. As I grew older, the more aggressive style rang true to my ears, as did party music, which is why my music is a mix of aggressive and enjoyable.

Q: What are some challenges you have faced as a musician, and how have you overcome them? Share any insights or lessons you have learned while navigating the music industry?

DBN KAI: Things that create a challenge in my journey of music is the songwriting process. It is easy yet making music make sense or being really creative can sometimes create a block or can be instantaneous. Sometimes I just wait and come back to what I was working on.

It's a process.

Q: What are your future goals as an artist? Do you have any upcoming projects or collaborations you are working on, or any plans for expanding your audience or reaching new milestones in your career?

DBN KAI: My goal in the future as an artist is to work with similar or larger artists, which would be a major accomplishment for me. I am highly adaptable, so I am happy to work with any style. I also intend to increase my audience and fan base. I also intend to put on shows and get the crowd excited.

Q: Can you tell me about your current music projects or works in progress? What themes or messages are you exploring in your music, and what techniques or instruments are you currently experimenting with? How do you see your music evolving in the future?

DBN KAI: Things I'm working on include promotions to expand my reach into new countries, as well as changing up my style to be more versatile and relevant to today's music style. While pursuing the mainstream image, I'm also changing up my cadences to add spice and allow the listeners to hear something different rather than the same thing. Because my music is so differed, I can see myself having a significant following in the future.

Q: Your Spotify is increasing its listening day by day, Are you excited about it?

DBN KAI: Really excited about it, it's great to see results from a lot of hard work.

Q: Thank you for being here today!

DBN KAI: Thank You All For Having Me!

DBN Kai Has Just Released A New Music Video for His Latest Single...

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