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Discover the Soulful Sounds and Genuine Talent of Connor Ashnault!

Rising Singer Songwriter Connor Ashnault's Authentic Music Makes Waves on Spotify, Drawing Thousands of Listeners!

Connor Ashnault © 2024


Connor Ashnault's debut album, "Plastic Tulips" is a sincere and authentic exploration of love, grief, and self-discovery. As a true singer-songwriter, Connor uses his music to express his emotions and personal experiences in a world that is often characterized by polished and artificial sounds.

His music is compelling and offers a refreshing alternative to the mainstream music that dominates the industry today.The album's sincerity shines through in every track, making it a must listen from start to finish.

The first track "Worth It" is the one that will be kicking off the album with honesty and depth of the lyrics and a beautiful melody that is soulful. Connor's voice portrays the innocence of the youthful love as he confronts the challenges of knowing nothing about love. The instrumentation that complements the song, with piano and guitar including Connor himself, makes the song have more depth in its emotion.

'Moonlight Drive' is a remarkable song that display Connor's storytelling skills. The lyrics portray a picture of the night-time travel in a very vivid manner whereas the sing-song tune echoes in the mind for a long time after the song is over. The verses changing to chorus seamlessly demonstrates that Connor is talented in songwriting and he pays attention to details.

"Attention Girl" is definitely a hit single because of its hooky piano melodies and catchy melody Connor's voice takes its lead over the happy music, dazzling the listeners and making them just fall in love with the song.

"Sunflower" displays Connor's ability as a musician by having a lo-fi acoustic-driven style and profound lyrics. The minimalist staging of the song offers Connor’s voice a particular prominence, making it possible for the listeners to experience the raw emotions of melancholy and contemplation. The song's poignant refrain becomes the listener's companion throughout the song, which is a sign of its memorability.

Connor, with the song "Instinct" explores themes of love and betrayal over beautifully rendered instrumentation and a soulful sound. The song's dynamic arrangement carries to the climax and through to the rising intensity of raw emotion that it expresses. Connor's emotive delivery brings across a feeling of rush for the song and passion making it a distinctive song on the album.

"Karma Gets You" is all about karma and responsibility, whose thoughtful lyrics and chilling melodies make it a song of self-examination.

"Honestly" the closing track on the album, showcases Connor's introspective songwriting and emotive vocals. The stripped-down arrangement allows Connor's lyrics to take center stage, offering a glimpse into his innermost thoughts and feelings. The song's heartfelt refrain leaves a lasting impression, bringing the album to a masterfully crafted conclusion.



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