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Emily Fraser Unleashes Magic with 'The Missing Part': A Fusion of Electro-Pop and Eastern Influence.

Virginia's to be new Pop Sensation Emily Fraser Shines in Latest Single, Showcasing Radiant Vocals and an infectious dance-pop single.

Emily Fraser ©️ 2023


Virginia based Emily Fraser's latest single, "The Missing Part," showcases her infectious singing and the infusion of great dance electro-pop with Arabian instruments like duduk, oud, and sarod.

The production, mastered by Goathead Records's ASTRØMAN, is truly magical and self-serving

Fraser's talent shines through her radio-ready vocals, and the song, following her first and hit "Controller," "The Missing Part" stands among very extraordinary singles, with a dance-pop gem with the potential to top charts.

In the verses, Fraser navigates themes of loneliness and yearning, painting a vivid picture of longing for genuine connection amid the glow of a phone screen.

The chorus is a powerful declaration of willingness to endure pain and go to great lengths for someone who seemingly overlooks her troubles.

The lyrics masterfully convey the emotional toll of being the one always called upon in times of trouble, yet feeling ignored when it comes to her own struggles.

The vocal bridge adds an extra layer of intensity, leading into the final chorus where Fraser reiterates her commitment despite the evident one-sided nature of the relationship.

The repetition of the phrase "Guess that that's the missing part" is poignant, highlighting the emotional void in the connection.

Overall, "The Missing Part" not only showcases Emily Fraser's vocal prowess but also delivers a compelling narrative through well-crafted lyrics.

With its blend of pop, dance, and Arabian/Eastern influences, "The Missing Part" stands out as a potential chart-topper, solidifying and opening Emily Fraser's position as a noteworthy pop sensation candidate.



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