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Fiona Sofia Opens Up: From Musical Beginnings to an Album of Diverse Inspirations

Explores Fiona's journey as a young artist, her debut album's growth, creative process, pivotal events, and upcoming musical chapter.

Fiona Sofia ©️ 2023


GH: Hey Fiona! How did you first get started in the music industry, and what were some of the challenges you faced as a young singer-songwriter?

Fiona: Hey! Great to be here, began training in classical music at a young age, but didn't get into recording/making my own music until the summer of 2020. I created all my music in a mini studio in my room in my college apartment until the fall of 2022 when I started investing in professional studio sessions. I faced a lot of challenges as a young, independent singer-songwriter, especially given that I was finishing school up until this past December. Juggling school, music, and work all at once made it hard to put as much effort as I wanted to into my craft. Since graduating, I've been able to put a lot of work into my music and hone skills the way I have been wanting to since I started. A challenge I've faced working as a full-time musician with a part-time job is getting connected in the industry and learning everything about the music business and everything it entails on my own. I think challenges and obstacles are a big part of pursuing your dreams, and looking back, I am grateful for all the challenges I have faced and look forward to more as I move forward in my career.

GH: Your debut album received critical acclaim and garnered a significant following. How did you approach the songwriting process for that album, and how do you feel it represents your artistic growth since then?

Fiona: My debut album was truly an experiment, and I consider it more of a practice round given that I was just learning not only how to record/mix/master but also was completely new to the music business and industry. Since then, I've learned so much and am much more proud and confident in this album. Although I wince at the music I made in 2020 as a beginner, there is a spirit of excitement and passion that I associate with those songs, and I have learned to embody the beginner's excitement I once had to keep my music fresh and filled with passion.

GH: Your music often tackles personal and introspective themes. Can you share some insights into your creative process and how you translate your emotions into your songs?

Fiona: My music is often emotional, introspective, and philosophical. People often ask how I translate my thoughts and emotions into my music, but the truth is that for me, the process is the other way around. Writing music is my way of processing my intense and complex thoughts and emotions. Writing also helps me find a balance between my head and my heart and ensures that I am listening to both sides of myself. My music is a conversation with myself that I hope will turn into a message for others to follow, relate to, and gain something from.

GH: Throughout your career, you've been a part of some incredible musical events. Can you tell us about the one that you believe had the most significant impact on shaping your career, and how it influenced your artistic journey?

Fiona: As a young and fairly new independent artist, I have been lucky enough to be a part of some really cool music-related events and opportunities. Sonic Spotlight, a Northern Colorado competition that I took part in the fall of 2022, was a huge part of my musical journey. It allowed me access to amazing resources, challenged me in a new way, and eventually led me to my first performance ever! Additionally, the Music District in Fort Collins fosters an environment for local musicians to create openly and collaboratively, supporting everyone's craft and musical goals. I also participated in a songwriting camp at the Music District with a company called Assemble Sound, which provided me with information about different avenues in the music industry and more access to resources and opportunities. I am grateful for these experiences and hope to create similar opportunities for young artists in the future.

GH: Your upcoming album, "A Little Bit Of Everything," has been highly anticipated by your fans. Can you give us a sneak peek into the inspiration behind the album, and what can listeners expect from this new musical chapter in your career?

Fiona: Whenever people ask me what kind of music I make, I have great difficulty answering with specificity or confidence. I’ve spent the past couple of years trying to figure out who I am and exactly where I fit in musically and otherwise. I’ve switched up my style, experimented with genres outside of my comfort zone, and even tried making a genre-themed album (it didn’t work). I’ve come to realize that we need not be defined by labels or limitations. This realization is incredibly full-circle given that my first album, released two years ago, was titled “no genre”. I titled the album “no genre” with the idea that I would find my genre once I found myself... this idea has transformed into the newfound understanding I have of myself and my music. I am not here to fit into a genre, category, or box. I am here to explore and embrace all sides of myself, and most importantly, I am here to encourage others to do the same. My songs, regardless of their content, have always led me closer to myself. I am no longer in a rush to find myself, as it is the most authentic part of my music. The day I fully know who I am will be the day I stop writing. Until that day, my answer to the question “what kind of music do you make?” will be just like me, just like you, and just like life- “a little bit of everything”. When listening to my new album “a little bit of everything” you can expect a touch of every genre from country to trap. Relatable, emotional, catchy, sexy, humorous bops that perfectly encompass my personal journey the past year and a half. My hope with this album is that I will gain enough traction to go on a tour, and create a tour that is unlike any other. I want to give back to my fans, my friends and family, and the environment through my music and wherever it takes me!



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