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From Blues Roots to Global Beats: A Conversation with Artist Patrick Robintson

Unveiling the Influences, Memorable Moments, and Exciting Upcoming Projects of an Patrick Robintson.

Patrick Robintson © 2023

Today We Have The Pleasure To Have Patrick Here On Goathead!


GH: Patrick, what inspired you to start writing music?

Patrick: Actually, my late uncle Art Duncan was a Blues musician. His passion for music was contagious, and I grew up listening to him play. His influence was a significant factor that sparked my interest in music.

GH: That's wonderful to hear about your uncle's influence. Can you tell us more about your experience performing live at gigs, and could you share your most memorable experience?

Patrick: Of course. One of my most memorable performances was at the Juneteenth celebration here in Chicago. The energy was electric, and the crowd was amazing. What made it unforgettable was when the audience started singing along with me. It was a powerful connection with the people there.

GH: That sounds like an incredible experience. Now, could you shed some light on your songwriting process? How do you usually go about it?

Patrick: Sure thing. My songwriting process can vary. Sometimes, inspiration strikes spontaneously, and I jot down lyrics or melodies that come to mind. Other times, it's about finding that perfect beat or track, either produced by myself or one of my collaborators. I find that different approaches can yield unique and meaningful songs.

GH: It's fascinating how your process can adapt to different inspirations. What motivates you to create music and use it as a platform to bring awareness to various situations through your songs?

Patrick: For me, music is a medium of expression and connection. Life itself and the journey of being an artist motivate me. I see music as a blank canvas where I can convey emotions, stories, and messages. It's a powerful way to inspire and bring awareness to important issues in the world.

GH: Lastly, could you share some insights into your upcoming projects? What can your fans look forward to?

Patrick: Absolutely. Our next project is going to be epic. We're planning to shoot a music video in Jamaica, which will add a fantastic vibe to the track. It's a real trunk banger, and I'm confident it's going to be a hit. Stay tuned; it's going to be something special!


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