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From Childhood Melodies to Dream Collaborations: Singer-Songwriter Reveals The Real Mira Sthira

Embark on a Musical Journey as Mira Sthira Opens Up About Early Inspirations, Dream Collaborations, and the Healing Power of Songwriting.

Mira Sthira ©️ 2023


Today we have the pleasure to have the extraordinary Mira Sthira on Goathead

GH: Hello there! What inspired you to start writing music?

Mira Sthira: My toy box with circus animals on it when I was a kid. That was my earliest memory of singing. I don’t have a ton of memories from around age 2, but singing about the things in my room was a distinct and formative memory. At around this age, my mother told me I was creating vocal melodies with various progressions and would go on and on with this. Apparently, she recorded some of it. After this age, I began writing silly songs in elementary school about things at school or at home. I didn't approach music in a more serious way until I was an adult, where I was inspired by both the awe and beauty of the universe as well as my own personal pain and difficulties.

GH: If you could perform live with any other artists in the world, who would they be?

Mira Sthira: Oh, most definitely ones that would fit well with the style I make. I don't make music to fit anything in particular, but I feel these artists would all make a sweet set-list! I'd say Santigold, Grimes, MIA, Robyn, Leonie Pernet, and Otyken! Sounds like this would be a really expensive show though! In reality, I'd love to actually more realistically perform with some local artists such as Sarah Violette, Spose, The Worst, Sydney the Singer, and Johnny Cremains.

GH: How is your process of songwriting set around?

Mira Sthira: I have no set process, but perhaps one can be found in the madness. Thinking back to this particular release, I had an intense drive and immediate need to write music. Because of that, this release was written differently than all my other songs with Mikheil. Mikheil had a number of musical selections for me to choose from to use immediately, and I selected one that I found my soul was connecting with. I took the track and immediately toplined the song. I did not put much effort or will into the process; rather, I allowed myself to simply channel my feelings and words into the music. It was like a cathartic process, allowing me to heal and purge my soul.

GH: What motivates you to create music and bring awareness to different situations through your songs?

Mira Sthira: As I said before, it's really just a form of soul purging for me, as well as helping me connect to my higher power and higher self. Music is a spiritual and transformative experience for me, and it is not something that concerns me with success or fame. It does motivate me a lot to connect to others, however. I have connected to some good people through music, but I find I still struggle at times to feel the deeper spiritual bond in a music-based community. I am still looking for that and am open to good energy!

GH: Could you share some insights into your next projects?

Mira Sthira: My next projects are also things not yet released as part of a purging, healing, and shadow work process. I have a song about the ups and downs of unhealthy relationships. The song is called "up and down" and it characterizes several relationships or dating experiences I've had where the other individual had very erratic moods as well as radically altered images of me in their mind where I was idealized one day and degraded the next. It speaks to healing from this and re-entering my own heart where these people's false and altered perceptions of me no longer impact my own sense of self-esteem and ability to love. It speaks to getting back into my heart again. I wanted to release a video with this next release but things are getting a little tight with my budget. I am also open to working with people in the industry to help me meet financial goals better. I am very independent and plan on continuing that unless it's a very reasonable offering for the short and long term. Ultimately, I am also an addiction counselor, and this is what I will continue to do. In my ideal world, I would split my time halfway between supporting people with mental health and addiction and the other half making and performing music! I need to get out there more and perform and connect and cultivate and connect with a healthy community!



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