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From Indie Rock to Epic Fight Scene - Exploring the diverse sounds of ALTARVIOLET

Discover the evolution of ALTARVIOLET's music, personal growth themes, and upcoming projects as the artist shares their creative process and influences. Prepare for a range of vibes and a potential fight scene music video!



We have the pleasure of having ALTARVIOLET on Goathead Today !

GH: Hello There! How did you get started in the music industry? Can you share some insights into your journey and what motivated you to pursue a career in music?

ALTARVIOLET: My journey into the music industry began gradually, starting with my love for singing, playing guitar, and writing songs. In my early years, I was quite shy, but my friends encouraged me to perform for them. During my early twenties, I connected with local musicians in West Chester, PA, and together we formed an indie rock band called The Moxy. While my musical background was primarily as a singer-songwriter, I always had a deep passion for loud music and dreamed of being in a rock band. The Moxy's sound was energetic, loud, and melodic, influenced by bands like Thrice and Deftones. Our journey took an exciting turn when Bam Margera of MTV's Jackass discovered our sound and featured us in his movie, 'Where The #$&% Is Santa?' We also shot a music video for our single 'Step Down,' marking the official start of my music career. Since then, I have been part of several other bands and collaborated on various projects. Currently, ALTARVIOLET is my main focus, allowing me the freedom to express all sides of my musical self. It's a mostly solo project, but I'm joined by talented musicians like Nick Bozzelli, Jess Margera, and Carl Pannell on different tracks. ALTARVIOLET represents a fusion of nostalgia and futurism, creating music that evokes dancing, crying, and singing with pure passion.

GH: Your music has captivated listeners with its unique blend of genres. How would you describe the evolution of your sound throughout your career?

ALTARVIOLET: Growing up, I was inspired by Tori Amos, who taught me to create the music I wanted without paying attention to rules or conformity. With ALTARVIOLET, I've embraced the freedom to create whatever songs naturally flow from within me. Some songs are reminiscent of my singer-songwriter roots, while others draw heavily from my love for synthwave and electropop music. As long as a song creates a vibe that resonates with me, I fully embrace and bring it to life.

GH: Your lyrics often explore themes of identity and personal growth. What inspired you to delve into these subjects, and how do you hope your music resonates with listeners?

ALTARVIOLET: Having lived with anxiety, depression, and chronic disease (Chronic Lyme Disease) for many years, I use music as a way to process my emotions. Discovering that others share similar experiences, whether through fellow artists or friends, helped me realize that I am not alone in these life challenges. My ultimate goal, whether through music or conversations, is to remind others that they are not alone and to highlight their inner strength. In a world filled with reminders of stress and negativity, I strive to counteract those influences and offer a source of positivity and support.

GH: Your EP, titled "Altarviolet," showcases a diverse range of musical styles. Could you share the creative process behind this project and the influences that shaped its distinctive sound?

ALTARVIOLET: My most recent self-titled EP is a collection of songs from the beginning of the ALTARVIOLET project and spans right up until the release of the EP itself. While my album, 'Sojourn,' had a bit more synthwave/electropop influence, this EP reflects more of the epic vibes I was feeling at the time. One of my bucket lists is to score a movie and '10,000 Light Years' & 'The Watcher' were created with that in mind. 'The Watcher' was specifically inspired by the fight scenes in 'Everything, Everywhere, All At Once' & by the John Wick movies. I had those scenes floating around in my head while writing that song. I have been doing martial arts most of my life and am most recently on my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey, recently getting my Purple Belt…so naturally, I love movies with epic fight scenes. In the future, I hope to be able to make music for some epic fight scenes in movies to really connect these two influences in my life.

'**I Used To Be Good**' and '**Tell Me Lies**' were the first two songs I wrote for ALTARVIOLET but wasn’t ready to share them until now…although the album ranges quite drastically in terms of genres, I felt that the energy was consistent enough throughout to carry the EP as a cohesive finished product.

GH: Can you share any insights into your future work? Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that you are excited about, and can you give us a glimpse into what fans can expect from your music in the near future?

ALTARVIOLET: I have about 20+ songs that currently are asking for my attention…ranging from close to the beginning of the ALTARVIOLET project and some are just being ‘born’ recently. I want to continue to offer a range of 'vibes' with my next releases and my one big hope is to create a fight scene music video for my single 'SOS' (which in hindsight should have been on the EP). I train with a plethora of talented martial artists and not only would it be fun to create but it would be a blast to have as a finished product. In addition, I am starting to play some shows out here in Colorado where I live and very much looking forward to getting back into that mode as well. I will continue to collaborate with my talented friends as well, as nothing makes me happier than making magic with my besties!



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