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From Personal Stories to Musical Embrace: Kendall Corinne’s Journey

Discover the Power of Authenticity and Shared Experiences in Kendall's Melodies That Resonate

Kendall Corrine ©️ 2023


GH: Hi Kendall, Could you tell us about your journey as a songwriter and how you got started in the music industry?

Kendall: When I began songwriting, I didn't even know what the term meant, and it wasn't something I was actively pursuing. At the age of twelve, I wrote my very first song as a farewell gift for my grandma. Although it was far from the lyrical and musical standards I strive for today, that song sparked my passion and journey as a songwriter. Throughout middle school and high school, songwriting became a way for me to express and release emotions, filling notebooks with lyrics and chords. As a graduating senior, I faced the question of "what now?" and decided to study music, realizing that God had given me music and songwriting as a personal outlet and a gift to share with others. I can't imagine myself ever stopping writing; there's always more to learn and explore, so my journey as a songwriter continues.

GH: What inspires you the most when it comes to writing songs, and how do you translate those inspirations into your music?

Kendall: Inspiration for my songs typically stems from ideas or memories. My lyrics draw from my own life, the experiences of my friends and family, and are deeply influenced by my faith. I strive to write songs that bring hope to listeners. Sometimes this translates into happy lyrics with uplifting melodies, while other times it involves sharing moments of hurt and healing. I always start with the words, crafting the story, message, or big question, and then find the melody that fits.

GH: What has been the most memorable moment or achievement in your career as a songwriter so far?

Kendall: The most memorable moment in my career as a songwriter so far was on October 21st, 2022, just over a week before the release of my first EP. It was the day my first four professionally-recorded songs were sent out to various music platforms. As I reflected on that moment, I realized how far I had come. Just a few months earlier, I had been taken to the hospital to prevent self-harm. I had spent two months without writing a single lyric, and then I started writing through the night as insomnia kept me awake. Less than a year later, I was witnessing my long-envisioned dreams becoming a reality. While I hope to achieve many things and create numerous memorable moments in my songwriting career, the mere act of waking up and choosing to write is an achievement I will never forget.

GH: I'd love to hear more about your latest single, "The End." What was the inspiration behind the song, and what message or emotion were you hoping to convey through it?

Kendall: "The End" was intentionally released during mental health awareness month as a way to inform and empathize with those who have faced or are facing mental illness. The song begins with me sharing from my own experiences in the first person and then transitions to addressing the listener in the second person, almost as if I am speaking directly to someone who is mentally ill or hurting. The very last line of the song, "Don't let it be the end," is a message I wish everyone could hear, even if they didn't listen to the rest of the lyrics. The official music video for "The End" also includes a sentence that is not part of the written lyrics, which reads, "You are loved and your life is precious; please keep it." My hope is that each listener, whether through the song or the music video, will understand this message and find comfort and strength.

GH: As a songwriter, how do you navigate the process of sharing your personal experiences and emotions through your music while also connecting with your audience on a deeper level?

Kendall: In the same way that every single person is uniquely different, we all have some things in common. No one on earth has lived the same exact life as me, but I still believe that everyone can relate to the struggles of life and the desire to have hope and love. I receive purpose and fulfillment from my faith in God and the blessings I’ve been given. This allows me to songwrite honestly and humbly because in the end; I’m just an imperfect person. Whether religious or not, I hope that you may hear my songs and keep any comfort and love you find there.

GH: Thank you, Kendall, for sharing your insights on your journey as a songwriter and how you connect with your audience through your music.

Kendall: The pleasure was mine!



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