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Georgie Fletwood's Harmonic Voyage: Crafting Melodies from the Heart

An Insightful Journey of Musical Discovery, Georgie Reveals the Inspiration and Emotion Behind Her Soul-Stirring Songs

Georgie Fletwood © 2023


GH: Hi Georgie! Great to have you here ! How did you first get started in the music industry? Can you share a bit about your journey as a singer-songwriter and how you developed your unique sound?

Georgie: I'm really still just getting started in the music industry. Music has always been one of my favorite things, so during the pandemic I pushed myself to finally start writing songs at 19. Then, at 20, I started recording some demos. Now, I'm in the process of trying to record and release music while building up a fan base on social media. I'm doing it all on my own and just learning as I go. I would say that my sound is influenced by my favorite artists as well as my naturally high and soft voice.

GH: "I'm Yours" has become a fan favorite and has resonated with many listeners. Can you give us some insight into the story behind the song? What emotions or experiences did you draw from when writing it?

Georgie: "I'm Yours" is a cover song that I recorded because I love the original by Jason Mraz so much. I wanted to stay true to the original lyrics and melody but make the song my own by introducing some soft country-rock sounds.

GH: "Let Me In" has captivated audiences with its hauntingly beautiful melody. What was the inspiration behind this particular track, and how did you approach the songwriting process to bring out its unique atmosphere?

Georgie: "Let Me In" was the second song I ever recorded and my debut single. The inspiration behind the track was just feeling like there was this particular person in my life that I wanted to be close with, but they were pushing away because there were things in their life they didn't want me to see. "Let Me In" is sort of like saying, "Hey, I'll love you no matter what if you let me be a part of your life and make yourself vulnerable."

GH: Looking ahead, what can your fans expect from your future works? Are there any exciting projects or collaborations on the horizon that you'd like to share with us?

Georgie: I'm going to be releasing an arrangement of One Direction's track "18" that will be just piano and vocals in July 2023. Hopefully, an album will follow if my fanbase and listeners grow. I definitely have plenty of songs written.



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