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Hafto: The Musical Journey of an Independent Artist

Exploring Inspiration, Overcoming Nervousness, and Crafting Meaningful Music – A Deep Dive into the World of Hafto

Hafto © 2023


Today We Have The Pleasure To Have This Great Artist Here On Goathead!

GH: Hi Hafto, Welcome to Goathead, in your music you described how your inspiration for music stems from a deep well of emotions and the need to express yourself. Could you share a particular experience or moment in your life that played a pivotal role in shaping your musical journey?

Hafto: Certainly, I'd be happy to. One particular experience that deeply influenced me was a time when I felt unable to express my opinions due to various restrictions from my extended family, society, and the community I was a part of. It was as though I had this vast reservoir of thoughts and emotions bottled up inside me, desperately seeking an outlet. Music became that outlet, a safe haven where I could pour out my soul without any consequences. As I immersed myself in the creative process, I discovered something profound - it wasn't just about venting my own feelings; it was about connecting with others who might be going through similar struggles. I realized that my music could be a voice for those who felt silenced, a resonance for those whose stories went unheard.

GH: Performing live seems to be a mix of excitement and anxiety for you. Could you tell us more about how you handle those nervous moments and how wearing a mask helps you focus on your music during performances?

Hafto: Performing live indeed elicits a mix of emotions for me. My nervousness has, unfortunately, prevented me from doing it as frequently as I'd like. To cope with this, I've started wearing a mask when I perform. This allows me to divert my focus from the potential exposure and anxiety, directing it entirely towards my music. It's a way of creating a safe space on stage where I can express myself without feeling overly exposed.

GH: Your songwriting process as an independent musician is quite personal and detailed. Could you delve into how you choose and refine the themes for your songs? Also, can you elaborate on how you balance creative risks and staying true to your artistic vision?

Hafto: Certainly. My songwriting process typically begins with a spark of inspiration, which can come from various sources - a particular feeling, a situation, or even a random thought. I make it a habit to jot down these initial ideas or lyrics in a notebook or on my phone whenever they come to me. Once I have a theme in mind that resonates with the emotions I wish to convey, I start working on the lyrics. I draw from my own life and observations to create meaningful and relatable words.Arranging and structuring the song is a crucial step. After establishing the basic structure, I fine-tune the details, which includes refining lyrics, adjusting melodies, and perfecting the instrumentation. I pay close attention to the dynamics, transitions, and the overall flow of the song to ensure it captures the essence of what I want to express. The final phase involves recording and producing the song. I aim for a polished yet authentic sound that remains true to my artistic vision. Once the recording is complete, I focus on promoting the song through various channels, such as social media and streaming platforms. The creative freedom of being an independent musician allows me to explore different styles and experiment with my sound. While it presents its challenges, it's also incredibly rewarding. When it comes to balancing creative risks and staying true to my artistic vision, it's about finding that sweet spot. I believe that taking risks and being unapologetically myself is essential in evolving as an artist. It allows me to grow and take my music in new directions while never losing sight of what makes my art unique and genuine.

GH: You mentioned using your music as a platform for change and addressing issues that resonate with you. Can you share more about some of these issues and how they've influenced your songwriting and musical direction?

Hafto: Absolutely. My music has always been a powerful tool for me to shed light on issues that deeply resonate with me. Whether it's issues of justice, environmental concerns, or aspects of the human experience, I believe in using my music to raise awareness and inspire action.Each song I create becomes a beacon carrying a message I hope will resonate with others and encourage them to take action. As an artist, I feel a profound responsibility to use my platform to address these issues and be a voice for change. It's an urgency I can't ignore, and it significantly influences the direction of my songwriting and the themes I choose to explore.

GH: Your upcoming projects sound intriguing. Can you provide more insights into the themes and stories behind your releases, "Don't Walk Alone" and "Heart of Ice"? Additionally, what excites you the most about collaborating with other musicians on your upcoming projects?

Hafto: I'd be happy to. "Don't Walk Alone," which is set to release on October 20th, is a deeply personal journey into solitude and uncomfortable emotions. It's about baring my soul and inviting listeners into my inner world. The song is a reflection of the vulnerability and raw emotions that come with moments of isolation and introspection.On the other hand, "Heart of Ice" takes a different turn. This EP is a raw and unapologetic expression of toxicity, anger, and even a touch of disrespect. It delves into the darker aspects of the human experience, providing a stark contrast to the vulnerability explored in "Don't Walk Alone."What excites me the most about collaborating with other musicians is the opportunity to merge my unique style with theirs and potentially bring fresh perspectives to my own work. It's a journey of exploration and growth, and it adds a dynamic dimension to my artistic expression that I'm truly looking forward to.



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