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Harmonious Echoes: Trey Mercy The Artist's Journey Through Love and Connection

Exploring the Rhythms of Life, Love, and Regrets in Trey Mercy's Debut 10-Song R&B Album.

Tray Mercy The Artist ©️ 2023

Today We Have The Pleasure To Have This Great Artist Here On Goathead!


GH: Hey there Tray is great to have you here on Goathead. It sounds like music has been a significant influence on your creative journey. Can you tell us more about what inspired you to transition from writing poems to pursuing a career in music?

Trey Mercy: Certainly. Music has always been a powerful source of inspiration for me. I used to write poems as a way to express myself, but I felt the urge to take it further and turn those words into songs. I believe that if I have a creative vision, I should bet on myself and make it happen. It's all about taking that leap of faith.

GH: That's a bold step, Trey Mercy. Have you had the chance to perform live yet?

Trey Mercy: Not yet, but it's something I'm eager to experience. I did have a listening party once, which was exciting, but performing live is a whole different level. I'd love to tour with other artists, open for them, and build more connections in the music industry.

GH: Your creative process is intriguing. Can you share more about how you approach songwriting?

Trey Mercy: My songwriting process is quite spontaneous. I can be in the middle of drawing, taking a shower, or even just walking, and suddenly lyrics start flowing in my mind. I have to rush to jot them down before I forget. It's a spontaneous and unpredictable process, but I love it.

GH: It's fascinating how inspiration can strike at any moment. What motivates you in your music journey?

Trey Mercy: My motivation comes from my life experiences, my family and friends, and the artists I admire. I once had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite artists before I even started recording music. They shared valuable knowledge and wisdom about the music industry, which I now apply to my creative life. It's been a driving force in my journey.

GH: That's inspiring, Trey Mercy. Can you give us a glimpse of what's next for you in your music career?

Trey Mercy: Absolutely. My next project is going to be a 10-song album, primarily focused on R&B. I'll be delving into themes like love, past relationships, regrets, and toxic situations. It's going to be a reflection of my personal experiences and genuine connections. I'm also planning to release some singles leading up to the album, so there's a lot to look forward to, and I can't wait to share it with the world and my supporters.



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