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Hashemi's New Single "Kaleidoscopes" Blends Fleetwood Mac Vibes with Disco Magic.

Hashemi's "Kaleidoscopes": A Fresh Take on Dark California Pop

Hashemi ©️ 2024


As a Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter, Hashemi crafts a unique blend of dark California Pop, reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac meets disco. Her new release, "Kaleidoscopes," from her EP “Swimming At Night”, delves into the complexities and blurred lines of a "situationship."

The track opens with a catchy verse that immediately sets the tone of the song's theme — the push and pull of a complicated relationship.

Hashemi's lyrical vulnerability shines through lines like "Should have ended it and cut you off / Don’t wanna slip and fall in love," painting a vivid picture of emotional conflict.

The pre-chorus builds tension beautifully, with Hashemi's vocals delivering raw emotion: "You give me too much attention / and you use it like a weapon."

This seamlessly transitions into a chorus that's both catchy and poignant, capturing the essence of feeling entrapped yet hopeful: "You make me crazy like kaleidoscopes / Blurrin' my vision, lead me on with invisible rope."

Musically, "Kaleidoscopes" is a perfect blend of nostalgic and contemporary sounds, with a production that complements Hashemi's vocal style.

The disco influence adds an infectious groove, making it a track that's easy to get lost in.

Overall, Hashemi's "Kaleidoscopes" is a beautifully crafted addition to her discography, showcasing her talent for blending introspective lyrics with engaging melodies.

It's a song that resonates with the confusion and allure of modern relationships, making it a must-listen for fans of alternative pop.


You can listen to "Kaleidoscopes" now and follow Hashemite on Instagram.


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