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House from L.E. Drops New Single "No Time for Playing Games" and Prepares for Upcoming Releases

House From L.E. ©️2024


House from L.E., hailing from the vibrant city of Leipzig, Germany, is a dynamic electronic music project that has been making waves in the house and techno scenes. With a blend of innovative beats and captivating melodies, this project, spearheaded by producers Marcus Dippner and Tom Kleinwächter, continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

"No Time for Playing Games" Their latest single, "No Time for Playing Games," released on August 3rd, 2024, under FVYDID Records (USA), is a testament to their evolving sound and creative prowess. The track, available on [Spotify](, showcases a sophisticated blend of house rhythms and infectious hooks that are sure to get listeners moving.

Previous Releases

Before this, House from L.E. released two techno-oriented singles under their other project, Beats from L.E., in November 2023:

"The Gate" Released on LVLD Records (Canada), this track is a powerful techno anthem that can be streamed on [Spotify]( and viewed on [YouTube](

- "Rouge": This track, released on G-Mafia Records (Brasil), continues the techno vibe with its dark, pulsating beats. It's available on [Spotify]( and [YouTube](

Both tracks were complemented by self-produced videos, showcasing their dedication to their craft and their ability to create immersive visual experiences.

Upcoming Releases

Looking ahead, House from L.E. is set to release a new track via Kazal Records on August 16th, exclusively on Beatport. This track will be available on all other platforms from August 30th. Additionally, on the same day, their remix of Terry Golden & Jordan Grace's "Losing Love" will be released via Ensis Records. This remix was a winning entry in a contest on, outshining nearly 90 other submissions.

With their roots firmly planted in Leipzig, House from L.E. continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, bringing fresh sounds and captivating performances to the global stage. Keep an eye out for their upcoming releases and experience the innovative sounds that this talented duo has to offer.

Connect with House from L.E.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from House from L.E. as they continue to make their mark in the electronic music world.


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