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Larry Legend: Unveiling the Musical Odyssey of a Rising Star

Delve into the Inspirations, Milestones, and Future Sounds of Larry Legend, as He Forges His Path to Stardom

Larry Legend ©️ 2023


GH: Hi Larry! Great to have you here! What inspired you to pursue a career in music, and how did you develop your unique sound?

Larry: It's great to be here! Music was an escape for me. I thought football was going to be my career, but when I realized that it wasn't a guarantee I was completely lost. Not knowing how to cope with my feelings, music was the only thing that was keeping me focused. At the time I didn't have any music out, but I'm listening to every song that pretty much describes my mood, that it got to the point that I was running out of songs. One day I told myself why not make my own song that describes how I'm feeling and sure enough I did that very same day. It took a few different beats, songs, lyrics, etc. to find my sound, but I knew I didn't want to be or sound like everyone else so I played with a few styles until I got comfortable with one.

GH:Your previous works, such as "Who's Next" (2018), "Legend Chronicles" (2019), and your latest released album "Sapphire" (2021) and "Sapphire (Purple Edition)" (2022), have shown your artistic evolution. Can you share the creative journey and growth you experienced throughout these projects?

Larry:Yeah definitely, great question. "Who's Next" was in my early music stages. I guess you could say that was more of a trial album for me, while I figured out what type of sound I wanted. It contained a lot of rap with a little singing. My next album "Legend's Chronicle" was more for me to take on more of a pop sound with the singing and less of the rapping sound. Now my "Sapphire" and "Sapphire Purple Edition" was me realizing that I did not want to be labeled as a "rapper" but push and explore my pop sound. These were projects that I worked on during quarantine, so there was a lot of time to try new things and discover new sounds. I was experimenting with more of those pop and R&B sounds that you hear on the album. These projects are what solidified my sound and who I want to be as an artist.

GH:Throughout your musical journey, what have been the most memorable moments or milestones that have shaped your artistry?

Larry: I would say one of the biggest milestones and memories for me was when I performed at SXSW in Austin, Texas in March 2019. That was the first time I was invited to be a part of something other than performing locally. It was also the first time I traveled by myself, which really gave me the opportunity to come in and make a mark for my career and my brand as an artist in a place other than Colorado.

GH:Your latest single, "23 Bonnie and Clyde," has been generating buzz. Can you share the story behind the song and what it means to you personally?

Larry: This song is definitely one of my favorite songs I have made thus far. When I wrote this song I was really trying to go for something that people today, in 2023, could relate to. I feel like everyone has that ride or die, partner in crime, day one, person that is in their life. So this song is like a modern 2023 twist on an Anthem, I guess you can say for whoever is Bonnie to your Clyde and vice versa. To me personally, it's someone that I can get the thrill of being with while doing whatever but also having that closeness and intimacy. It's your "everybody versus you and me" person.

GH: Can you give us a glimpse into your future works? Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that your fans can look

Larry: I have an album coming out Summer 2023, this next album is going to be called "LGND." This project is going to show more of my R&B/trap sound. 



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