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LilJahJosef: Crafting Authentic Stories through Music, One Beat at a Time

Journey into the Soulful Soundscapes of LilJahJosef as he Overcomes Hurdles, Finds Inspiration, and Collaborates to Shape his Unique Musical Path

LilJahJosef © 2023


Today We Have The Pleasure To Interview LilJahJosef here on Goathead!

GH: LilJahJosef, Welcome! can you take us back to the beginning of your musical journey? How did you first discover your passion for music, and what motivated you to pursue a career as an artist?

LilJahJosef: Hey thanks for being here. Growing up, I always would be in situations where everybody I was with wanted to rap.. just freestyles honestly, and nobody was taking it too seriously, but within the circle and anybody listening, they knew it was just dudes who could rap or sing, and throughout the years, even in college, where I was hooping at some of my guys, it was just how myself and the people I grew up with would be, which is to cut a beat on and listen to each other rap. What really pushed me into taking it more seriously as more of a career is honestly just that my people around me and myself were just like, "It is for our ears and it is something to us; if people want to rock with it and like it, then of course we appreciate them and want them to listen or be excited." So we always remember that, but as an artist, "Lily knows that the music itself is a story line of Lily and others included along the journey of making the music, past events, and things to look forward to in the future." So with that being said, people who support or want to get involved and see growth come from it are always just cool to me, and just like my basketball career, how fans show support and other things like that, I remember and like to build off that, but to myself, if I like my music, which I do, then I can always say I achieved something that I wanted when I started and the people around me wanted to start as well.

GH: Many artists have a defining moment or experience that solidifies their decision to pursue music as a career. Was there a particular moment or event that made you realize that this is what you wanted to do with your life? Could you share that story with us?

LilJahJosef: Great question.. Just starting off, obviously trying to just knock on the door of what the music field is really like... Even now, I'm still trying to see how to go about it, so just a little "comment" or "message" or even a "like" or a view that shows some are really enjoying it goes a long way. I still have work to do. There is so much after the fact of making a song that some people do not know about until they try it. Some other careers know about the behind-the-scenes stuff, and for fans, just people who are into music, it is a lot of strategy. So for me, I almost take it as a business mindset because me and my people have the product, and we just need to move in the right direction with the pieces around it. The ones who have been here and others that come along that like my music and want to be apart of it—just their honest opinions and support goes a long way. There is still more work on my end that needs to be done.

GH: Starting out as an artist can be challenging. What were some of the initial hurdles or obstacles you faced, and how did you overcome them to establish yourself in the music industry?

LilJahJosef: Just the balance of recording—wanting to have new songs so fast but not being in the right mood for that kind of emphasis I have a lot of rap, r&b, and pop songs in the vault, and they come from almost spontaneous situations. But on the other side of things is finding the right marketing tools so people have the chance to hear songs and follow along. Those are some things, though, that have been tough.

GH: Your singles, such as "Don't Play," have resonated with audiences worldwide. Could you share the story behind the creation of "Don't Play," and what message were you trying to convey through this particular track?

LilJahJosef: You know, the term "don’t play"—my guys and others would always say that "don’t play" with this or that and even with me, just with hooping or gambling—"don't play with him" or "don’t play with Jah," so just the meaning of it went into it with music. It is just a layout of how I look at things from my point of view.

GH: Collaboration is an important aspect of the music industry. Have there been any collaborations or mentorship opportunities that have played a significant role in shaping your career? How have these experiences influenced your growth as an artist?

LilJahJosef: Up to this point, I can really say that people who have said things like "Go harder" or even people who reach out like "if you need something, let’s talk, this music bumps" type things, and some have said the songs are so "vivid," so for me, I like to hear feedback. I feel like the supporters and people who are also supporting but think it can be taken to another level should come up with plans and see if we can do something about it, you know, like together. So I always look at that, and it has become a type of motivation I have used up to this point to build something off of it. But I look forward to meeting and connecting with more people who know the ins and outs of the process and collabs. Shoutout Lily Gang/"Lovin Lily"... Shoutout to the ones that have always supported me and to the new people who have supported me up to this point with my music career, always remembering Shoutout to my guys back home and prayers to the Most High.



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