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Linda Englund's Musical Journey: From Triumphing Over Struggles to Charting New Era.

Dance-Pop Phenomenon Linda Empowers Audiences with Soulful Beats and Captivating Lyrics, Redefining Societal Norms

Linda Englund © 2023


Today We Have The Pleasure To Have Linda on Goathead !

GH: Linda, Welcome! can you share your musical journey and what motivated you to pursue a career in music?

Linda: Hello! Thanks for having me ! Music has always been something that’s been a part of my life, I started singing before I spoke. I begun my music journey when I was 15 by being in different competitions, I also performed at different shopping malls for a charity, the Red Cross in my town. When I was younger I went through abit of a rough time in school with bullying and music became like an outlet for me to turn to in that struggle. It helped me alot to journal and to write lyrics. When I was 18 I went to LA to pursue music and did a song “Kisses Taste Like Christmas” that ended up in the movie “A Holiday Heist” in 2011 which was exciting. In 2020 I decided to start publishing my own songs with the first song named “Ashamed”. 

GH: How would you describe your musical style and the recurring themes in your songs as a singer-songwriter?

Linda: I would describe my music style as dance pop with some soul influences. I like to share both personal experiences through my music but also general themes that many people can relate to like toxic relationships but also being able to rise above them. Also about topics like societal norms and personal values. 

GH: Who are your biggest influences in the music industry, and how have they impacted your own artistry?

Linda: Some of my biggest influences in the music industry includes Christina Aguilera, Leann Rimes and Celine Dion. Helped me to become self taught and I learned a lot of technique through these artists. I remember listening a lot to Christina’s “Can’t Hold Us Down” which inspired me to not be afraid to speak up as a woman and truly embrace who I am. 

GH: Could you tell us about your latest single, "Why," and the inspiration behind it?

Linda: “Why” is a song I wrote awhile back about a past relationship I was going through, when you date person that strings you along and who aren’t willing to commit yet still wants to keep you around. Not being able to get the reassurance and consistency you need from another person can be very frustrating and I think it’s something many have experienced and can relate to. 

GH: What are your goals and aspirations for your music career moving forward?

Linda: I want to continue growing as an artist and keep making music that means something to me. To move forward and let my music follow me on my next path in life. I have several projects I plan to release with the next one called “Where’s The World Going” which is about how we’ve entered a new era and times are changing yet to be able to still embrace our true nature as human beings and regain a sense of community, also how we can maybe try to incorporate that into new ways into society. To realize it’s ok to ask for help from those around you and to not feel that you have to carry all the weight on your own. I’m looking forward to sharing it!



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