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“Love After Healing” LP: Sadney Offers An Odissey To Self Discovery.

Sadney Emotionally Charged Journey through Love, Healing, and Self-Discovery - An Album That Invites Listeners to Explore the Depths of Emotion

Sadney ©️ 2023


In an industry dominated by single releases, many artists are overlooking the significance of crafting a cohesive musical journey through their work. Louisiana's emerging artist, Sadney, stands out by taking you on a mesmerizing voyage of self-discovery through her music with "Love After Healing"

From the introspective opener, "Regress," to the haunting "Ghost," and the heartfelt "Magic," Sadney's vocals carry the weight of her experiences and emotions. Her voice is a powerful instrument that conveys a wide spectrum of feelings, allowing listeners to connect on a profound level.

Track To Track Review

"Regress": In this opening track, Sadney's vocals shimmer with emotion as she reflects on the passage of time and the fear of growing older. Her voice carries a haunting quality, perfectly complementing the introspective lyrics that delve into the weight of past mistakes and the fear of being judged for them.

"Purgatory": Sadney's singing in "Purgatory" is filled with bitterness and regret. She laments the cycle of addiction and destructive relationships. Her voice evokes the pain of trying to warn someone about a harmful partner, only to be ignored until it's too late.

"Self Sabotage": Sadney's voice dances near the fire of self-destructive tendencies in "Self Sabotage." Her vocals are a mesmerizing blend of desire and pain as she describes the pull of familiar but damaging habits. Her voice captures the complex emotions of seeking comfort in what ultimately hurts.

"Ghost": In "Ghost," Sadney's voice is a haunting lament as she pens a heartfelt letter to an ex-lover. Her vocals convey deep remorse and longing as she reflects on the unspoken words and the pain of a lost love. Her singing is a poignant expression of the complexities of moving on.

"Read the Room": Sadney's vocals in this track exude frustration and impatience. She sings of waiting for a partner who seems oblivious to her emotional needs. Her voice is charged with exasperation, emphasizing the importance of understanding and empathy in a relationship.

"Deep": In "Deep," Sadney's voice continues to express the narrator's exasperation. She desires her partner to grasp her feelings, and her repeated refrain underscores the frustration of communication barriers. Her vocals are a compelling reflection of the song's emotional intensity.

"Magic": In contrast to the previous tracks, "Magic" sees Sadney's voice take on a soothing and heartfelt tone. She sings of a loving and supportive relationship, and her vocals radiate warmth and happiness. Her singing captures the beauty and healing power of love.

"Fragile": Sadney's voice shines with vulnerability and hope in "Fragile." She acknowledges her own fragility while expressing a desire to let her guard down. As the song progresses, her voice transforms to convey the hope and beauty of love's healing touch. Her singing is a poignant exploration of delicate emotions and optimism.

"Love After Healing": In the title track, Sadney's vocals resonate with a sense of introspection and longing. She reflects on the journey of healing and how, despite all the progress she's made, some heavy feelings linger. Her voice carries the weight of her experiences, echoing the complexities of personal growth and self-discovery.

As she sings about forgiveness, therapy, and the darkness she suppresses, Sadney's voice portrays a mix of gratitude for her blessings and a sense of yearning for something elusive. The emotional depth in her singing is palpable, capturing the ongoing struggle of love after healing, which is far from easy.

She questions whether she should let someone new into her life, and her voice expresses the hesitation and vulnerability that come with opening up to love once again. The refrain emphasizes the internal conflict between the desire for love and the fear of repeating past mistakes. "Love After Healing" is a deeply introspective track where Sadney's vocals provide a window into her ongoing journey of self-discovery and the complexities of love, all beautifully mixed and mastered by Bandoxoxo. It's a testament to her ability to convey raw emotion and authenticity through her singing.

"Breakdown": In "Breakdown," Sadney's vocals resonate with a sense of being lost and searching for an escape. Her voice carries the weight of uncertainty, portraying the emotional toll that comes with feeling adrift. As she sings about the cost of finding a way out, her vocals reflect the complexity of navigating life's challenges.

The repetition of "You're so pretty" in the chorus underscores the theme of vulnerability and the raw beauty found in moments of despair. Her voice captures the stark contrast between the facade of prettiness and the internal struggles hidden beneath the surface.

"Clouds": In "Clouds," Sadney's vocals take on an ethereal quality as she sings about the protective barrier she's created. Her voice reflects the idea of being untouchable when her head is in the clouds, beyond anyone's reach. The repeated refrain emphasizes her determination to keep certain individuals out of her life. As she explores the consequences of her actions and the introspective question of why she doesn't think before speaking, Sadney's vocals mirror a sense of self-reflection and inner turmoil. Her singing captures the emotional complexity of navigating relationships and the self-blame that can come with it. "Clouds" is a song that delves into the theme of personal boundaries and self-discovery.

"Falling": In the R&B ballad and song "Falling," Sadney's vocals convey a mix of fear and liberation. She sings about the struggle between the desire to fall freely in love and the fear of falling too deeply, a fear rooted in past experiences. Her voice captures the emotional complexity of being torn between the desire for love and the hesitancy borne from previous heartbreak. The lyrics suggest that despite past challenges, there's a yearning to experience love without constraints. Her vocals mirror the inner conflict, showcasing vulnerability and courage in equal measure. The repetition of "freely" underscores the longing for a love unburdened by fear.

"Veneration": "Veneration" is a powerful R&B ballad in which the singer's vocals are a reflection of deep admiration and appreciation for someone who has captured her heart. Her voice carries a sense of wonder and enchantment as she describes how this person makes her feel. The lyrics convey a sense of being picked like a delicate daisy and the hazy, otherworldly sensation that ensues. Sadney's vocals mirror the idea that time becomes irrelevant in the presence of this person, and their connection feels benevolent and heavenly. She sings about the perplexing spell this person has cast upon her and their pleasurable routines, her voice reflects the intensity of their bond. The repetition of "You've got me" emphasizes the depth of her feelings and the power of their connection.

"Veneration" is a song that explores the admiration and deep connection between two individuals, and Sadney's vocals, paired with production by Wadjet and mixing/mastering by Max Lebrun, beautifully capture the sense of wonder and enchantment that love can bring in a energetic R&B dance ballad.

Her singing invites listeners to immerse themselves in the magic of love and admiration and the inability to not feel love.

"Come Thru": In "Come Thru," Sadney's vocals convey a sense of frustration and longing. Her voice reflects the weariness of being the one who always makes the effort in a relationship. The repetition of "Won't you come through" emphasizes the desire for the other person to take action and show commitment. The lyrics suggest a feeling of being jaded and tired of having to explain oneself repeatedly. Sadney's vocals capture the emotional weight of this situation, where one person feels like they're doing all the work. The plea in her voice is palpable as she sings about not wanting to beg for the other person's presence.

"Come Thru" is a song that explores the dynamics of effort and commitment in a relationship.

"Aurora Borealis": In this half time R&B track, Sadney's vocals take on an introspective tone. She sings about someone who seems to hold a position of power and authority. Her voice carries a sense of curiosity and reflection as she questions the feelings of those who are seemingly in control.

The lyrics suggest a sense of disillusionment and a desire for change. Sadney's vocals convey a feeling of inevitability, where it's understood that things cannot continue as they are. Her singing captures the emotional weight of challenging the status quo and the determination to carry the burden of change. Ethereal strings and mysterious sounds, as inspiring and ethereal as the "Aurora Borealis"

"Carbon Copy": In "Carbon Copy," Sadney's vocals express a sense of determination and self-assuredness. Her voice is charged with the belief that she's embarking on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. The lyrics convey a feeling of stepping into one's own identity and breaking free from conformity.

"Regress (Wadjet Remix)": In the Wadjet remix of "Regress," Sadney's vocals are imbued with a haunting and hypnotic quality. Her voice echoes the lyrics that delve into the past and the fear of its return. The remix adds an extra layer of complexity to the original song, creating a spellbinding atmosphere. She sings about the demons of her past and the struggle to control them, Sadney's vocals capture a sense of vulnerability and turmoil. The remix enhances the haunting elements of the track, intensifying the emotions it conveys.

"Regress (Wadjet Remix)" is a haunting and evocative rendition of the original song, with Sadney's vocals, produced, mixed, and mastered by Wadjet, immersing listeners in a mesmerizing musical experience. Her singing invites listeners to confront their own past and the shadows that may linger there.

Each of these songs in "Love After Healing" showcases Sadney's vocal incredibly artistry, songwriting and vocal versatility and delivery....allowing her to convey a wide spectrum of emotions through the journey. Her singing invites listeners into a world where love, vulnerability, and self-discovery are explored with depth and authenticity. Her delicated yet carrying and effective production has the unique ability have any listener appreciate the power journey of artist's LP once again.

Take your headphones, close your eyes, and discovery Sadney's journey of "Love After Healing"


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