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Matteson Gregory's Soulful Search of Authenic Sound in 'Have You Seen My Friends?'

A heartfelt journey of longing and connection in Matteson Gregory's latest single


Matteson Gregory's latest single, "Have You Seen My Friends?" takes listeners on a soulful journey of longing and connection. With the help of producer Julian Hoeninger and mastering by Adam C Mastering, Gregory's heartfelt lyrics come to life in this introspective ballad.

The song begins with Gregory's plea for assistance, asking, "Excuse me, can you help me find my friends? I seemed to have lost them; don't know where they went."

Through these simple yet evocative words, Gregory paints a picture of friendship lost and the void it has left in their life.

Gregory reminisces about the last time they were with their friends, sharing moments over white wine and conversations about love.

However, as time passes, there are no calls or text messages, leaving Gregory questioning their absence.

It's a relatable experience that taps into the universal longing for connection and the fear of losing those we hold dear.

In the chorus, Gregory's heartfelt vocals take center stage as they express their desire to catch up with their friends. The lyrics capture the determination in their search, as they look up, down, and side to side, hoping to find any traces of the shared memories symbolized by the white wine they once enjoyed together.

The song reflects on the complexities of friendship and the challenges that arise when life takes unexpected turns. Gregory questions if they should have been more attentive, yet reminds themselves that their friends were seemingly happy for them. The yearning for a good talk and a comforting drink highlights the void that only true friends can fill.

"Have You Seen My Friends?" is a beautifully introspective single that showcases Gregory's emotional depth and lyrical prowess. Their heartfelt vocals soar throughout the track, conveying the longing and vulnerability that comes with missing cherished companions.

With its heartfelt lyrics, soulful melody, and Gregory's captivating delivery, "Have You Seen My Friends?" is a poignant reminder of the importance of connection and the search for those who hold a special place in our hearts.



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