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Plasma Chasms Duo Delivers an Uplifting Anthem with "Solaris”.

Slow down and soak up the positivity in this empowering, sun-soaked track.

Plasma Chasms ©️ 2024


"Plasma Chasms” iconic duo, releases Solaris" is a radiant anthem that masterfully blends a message of self-empowerment with a catchy, sun-soaked melody. The song's core refrain, "Slow down, soak up the sunlight, shine brighter baby than the sun," acts as both a reminder and an encouragement for listeners to embrace their inner light and resilience.

The verses take the listener on a journey through personal challenges and societal pressures. The lines, "Flashback to a time when they made you feel small, never was quite the same, you say that all the world's to blame," poignantly capture moments of vulnerability and the struggle to overcome external judgments. The song doesn't shy away from acknowledging the weight of these experiences, yet it emphasizes the importance of not closing oneself off, urging, "Don't close off yourself, open up your mind and soul."

The dual themes of reflection and aspiration are perfectly balanced in the chorus. The repetition of "Slow down, soak up the sunlight, shine brighter baby than the sun," serves as a soothing yet powerful call to action. It encourages listeners to take a pause, absorb the positivity around them, and then radiate their own unique brilliance.

The second verse, "Flashback (flashbang) to a point where they made you lose it all, didn't feel life was fair, you want to stay in your despair," dives deeper into the emotional turmoil one might face. Despite this, the song maintains a hopeful tone, advocating for openness and mental clarity as paths to overcoming despair.

Musically, Plasma Chasms’s Solaris combines vibrant, upbeat instrumentals with a rhythm that feels both invigorating and meditative. The juxtaposition of lively beats with contemplative lyrics creates an experience that is as energizing as it is introspective. The song's structure supports its themes, with the repetitive chorus reinforcing the message of self-empowerment and mindfulness.

In essence, “Solaris" is more than just a song; it is a celebration of inner strength and the transformative power of positivity. Its infectious energy and profound lyrics make it a standout track that resonates deeply with anyone looking to shine brighter amidst life's challenges.


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