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Rising Singer-Songwriter Lyou Opens Up About His Unconventional Journey and Emotional Songwriting

From unexpected beginnings to heartfelt lyrics, Lyou shares his creative process and deep connection with listeners.

Lyou © 2023

GH: Hi Lyou, Great to have you here! How did you first get started in the music industry, and what inspired you to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter?

Lyou: Hey! Thanks for having me! I actually never thought about being a professional singer or even stepping foot into this industry. I mean, I always loved singing and was taking singing classes, but I never thought I would do this professionally, you know? There are not many people in this industry who look like me. I was posting some cover songs, though. That's actually how everything started. I posted a cover of Lady Gaga's "Shallow," and a producer found me. We started working together ever since. He's the one who always encourages me to keep going and tells me I'm doing great work. And I guess I'm a professional singer now. As for inspirations, besides my producer, I was also inspired by artists like Rina Sawayama because it's nice to see another Asian face thriving in this industry. That means maybe, just maybe, I can make it as well.

GH: Can you share some insights into your creative process? How do you approach writing and composing your songs?

Lyou: For my creative process, I'm a lyricist and composer. It might be corny to say, but I write every song with my heart. They are all inspired by my life events: breaking up, having a crush, feeling lonely when the night comes, and so on. Well, my newest single that is about to be released is about my daddy issues even. Sometimes, there's just one sentence that suddenly appears in my head (usually with a melody), and then I start writing the whole song around that sentence. I find a way to rhyme and think of the chords. I actually don't produce, so I'm constantly looking for producers to work with. "Looking for collaboration" is my most-used hashtag, to be honest. Working with other producers can give me a fresh perspective on the song I'm working on.

GH: Are there any specific themes or messages that you aim to convey through your music? How do you connect with your listeners on a deeper level?

Lyou: My music mostly revolves around my relationship problems, and writing songs is a way for me to deal with my anxiety and depression. I mean, my therapist used to tell me to write it down if I'm overthinking or having a panic attack. Then I thought, why not turn them into songs? I tend to tell stories in my songs and hope to find a connection with my audience. I write music not because I want to be rich; all I want is to be heard. That's why I want listeners so bad. I really want them to hear my stories and understand me, my personal struggles, my traumatic past, and my dreams and hopes.

GH: Your singles "Taste" and "Crush on U" have been quite successful. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind these songs and what they mean to you personally?

Lyou: Funny story, I actually wrote "Crush on U" and "Taste" at the same coffee table in the same coffee shop but in two totally different moods. "Crush on U" was written when I was madly in love with this guy from my dancing class. It's simple but somehow relatable, and it's super catchy. As for "Taste," I wrote it after a horrible breakup. I was a wreck, and after three months, I was finally feeling like myself again. I remember the day before I went clubbing with my friends; that must have been the inspiration for that song.

GH: Looking ahead, what exciting projects or plans do you have for the future? Are there any collaborations or new creative directions you're eager to explore in your upcoming music?

Lyou: I actually have a song called "Daddy's Asking Me" coming out in two weeks. The official release date is June 23. It's a very provocative song, the "Daddy issue" song I was talking about. I do have some collaborations lined up, but I'm open to more. I always think that collaboration is the best way of marketing. It can boost the fan bases of all the artists in the collaboration—a win-win situation.



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