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Rising Tropical R&B Artist Slim Trill Bankz Makes Waves with Debut Album 'I've Just Arrived'

Experience the Smooth Sounds, Great vocals and Infectious Beats of Slim Trill Bankz's New Release



South Africa’s hottest rising artist Slim Trill Bankz's album "I've Just Arrived" takes listeners on a journey through tropical R&B vibes, showcasing his unique sound and undeniable talent. A refresh in R&B scene that will shake the world and a genre that needed much re-invention.

The album kicks off with "Ghost," produced by Slim Trill Bankz himself, setting the tone with smooth melodies and infectious beats.

"Big Pimpin," produced by 808X, keeps the momentum going with its catchy hooks and laid-back groove.

Tracks like "Here to Stay" and "Walk," produced by 808X and Themba respectively, highlight Slim Trill Bankz's versatility as an artist, blending soulful vocals with captivating tropical and R&B new rhythms.

The standout track "Vacay," also produced by Slim Trill Bankz, transports listeners to a tropical paradise with its lush instrumentation and irresistible chorus.

Throughout the album, Slim Trill Bankz showcases his exceptional vocal prowess, delivering each lyric with passion and precision.

His talent shines through in every track, leaving listeners craving more.

"I've Just Arrived" is a promising album release from Slim Trill Bankz, establishing him as a rising star in the tropical and R&B scene.

With his impressive vocals and infectious beats, this album is sure to leave a lasting impression on fans old and new.



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