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Robbie Rapids Opens Up: From First Riffs to Deep Emotions in Songwriting

Diving into the inspirations, stories, and emotions shaping today's most heartfelt tracks. Discussing inspirations, stories, and emotions shaping Robbie Rapids songwriting and music.

Robbie Rapids © 2023


Today We Have The Pleasure To Have Robbie Here On Goathead!

GH: What inspired you to start writing music?

Rob: I just wanted to make my own songs. I’d make riffs and chord progressions and my feelings would come out. Down the road, it became more and more of an art to tell stories and get my emotions out. To me success is defined as, did the listener understand my song?

GH: Can you tell us more about your experience performing live at gigs and what was the most memorable experience you had?

Robbie: I currently play covers and originals as I gain more following, its best when people start to remember and prefer to hear originals.

GH: How is your songwriting process set around, particularly for your single "In Our House”?

Robbie: This song is an old song for me. I’ve recorded it with couple bands years back but just demos really. This was the 1st time I really had to iron it out and make it great. It was almost like rewriting the song. I had a lot to say but had to boil it down to the essentials. To me its like looking at an old photograph and the feelings and emotions from then have to be felt and heard in the song. The song is about a house and the relationship associated with it.

GH: That is awesome, would you mind telling us more about the single?

Robbie: A young couple pour their hearts into love, blindly without a plan. As the song progresses, their relationship turns into drama and regression, trying again and again to make it work. In "Our" House - Ours is not really shared at break up time.

GH: What motivates you to create music and bring awareness to different situations through your songs?

Robbie: I’m a pretty secretive person but when it comes to writing music I pour it all out. When I can’t communicate or still have something inside, it will come out in a song. This song sounds & feels like having a fishing hook stuck in your heart and the one who holds the pole doesn’t know if they want to reel you in, leave you in the water for bait to find a better fish, or reel you in and keep you. Check out the song you’ll hear what I mean.


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