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Sage Suede: Visionary Artist Shines Bright on Stage And In The Business

Multifaceted Talent Elevates Music, Literature, and Visual Artistry to New Heights.

Sage Suede ©️ 2024


Sage Suede, a multifaceted artist hailing from Austin, Texas, is making waves in both the music and literary worlds.

With a recent string of performances at renowned venues like The Viper Room and appearances at NAMM, Sage Suede's blend of music, storytelling, and visual artistry is captivating audiences across the globe.

Performance Highlights: Sage Suede's recent performances at The Viper Room in Hollywood and the North American Music Merchants (NAMM) conference showcased his versatility and magnetic stage presence. Collaborating with deep house producer Jyme and pianist Dazmin D’leon, Sage delivered electrifying sets that left a lasting impression on attendes at the renowned The Viper Room, Sage's solo performance infused the venue with an undeniable energy, despite the absence of Dazmin.

Incorporating tracks like "Im 2 Hot" and "You Go Girl," Sage Suede created an immersive experience for the audience, despite facing challenges like the theft of his glasses.

The ambiance of The Viper Room's gambling room added an intriguing depth to the performance, reminiscent of its storied past.

Artistic Vision: What sets Sage Suede apart is his commitment to creating immersive experiences for his audience. From exclusive performances to guerrilla music videos shot in unconventional settings like Strut in OC, Sage Suede's artistry transcends traditional boundaries.

His decision to record portions of his performances in lofi adds a layer of mystery and intrigue, inviting listeners to explore the nuances of his music beyond the surface.

Sage Suede's dedication to universal appeal is evident in his approach to censorship, as seen in the release of the radio edit for his album "Dirty Blonde."

By incorporating sound effects in place of swearing, Sage Suede ensures that his music reaches a wider audience without compromising on authenticity or impact.

Upcoming Projects: Beyond his musical endeavors, Sage Suede is a prolific writer with a growing catalog of self-published works.

His recent release, "Psychotic Bulgogi," offers readers a glimpse into his vivid imagination and storytelling prowess.

With plans for future projects ranging from slasher film scripts to Spanish-language musical demos, Sage Suede continues to push the boundaries of creativity across multiple mediums.

Additionally, Sage Suede's commitment to visual storytelling extends to his vibrant studio photoshoots, providing fans with glimpses into his artistic evolution on platforms like Instagram.

In a landscape dominated by cookie-cutter artistry, Sage Suede stands out as a true visionary. Amassing the big number of 90k on Instagram, this rising artist deserves all the chances

With his captivating performances, innovative approach to censorship, and diverse creative pursuits, Sage Suede is not just an artist but a storyteller, pushing the boundaries of expression and leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape.

Keep an eye on Sage Suede as he continues to captivate audiences and defy expectations in the years to come.



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