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SEPH: Crafting Music and Memories - A Journey of Artistic Passion And Mental Health Awareness

In an Intimate Interview, SEPH Reveals the Inspirations, Performances, and Creative Process Behind Their Music

SEPH © 2023


Today We Have The Pleasure To Have This Great Artist Here On Goathead!

GH: Hey SEPH, Welcome to Goathead! What ignited your passion for creating music?

Seph: My journey into music was sparked by an innate desire to express myself creatively. Even during my teenage years, my twin sister and I embarked on musical adventures, adopting alter egos as "Josie" and "Nay-D." We crafted catchy tunes like "My Style," "Limousine," "Collection of Fear," and "S-T-A-R." While these early songs may have been light-hearted and playful, they laid the foundation for my musical endeavors.

However, it was a deeper, more personal experience that truly ignited my passion for songwriting. At the age of 13, I penned my first song as Joe, titled "The Little Things." This track delved into my struggles with a stutter and my exploration of my own sexuality at a young age. The lyrics carried a message of self-acceptance amidst life's challenges. Music became my sanctuary, allowing me to convey the intricacies of my emotions and providing me with purpose.As I transitioned into the persona of SEPH, my commitment to artistic expression deepened, and my journey in music took on a new dimension.

GH: Live performances often bring a mix of excitement and nerves. Could you share more about your experiences performing at gigs, and what stands out as your most memorable live performance?

Seph: Live performances are an absolute thrill! They offer a whirlwind of emotions that I wouldn't trade for anything. I still vividly recall my very first gig, which took place in a house on Ohio State University's campus. This event, humorously titled "Make America Mighty Again" during the tumultuous 2016 election season, was hosted at a house my friends and I were renting at the time. It featured me and my twin sister, performing under the moniker "Twinzsz."The 2016 election was an unforgettable backdrop for this event, and it was on that very day that I penned lyrics and a melody for the song "Rainbow." This track has a chorus that resonates deeply: "There’s nothing that can stop us now. We’ll never go back down. Find your peace in your voice, c’mon now, it’s your choice. Like a rainbow after a storm, we’ll find light in the dark. We’re the perfect harmony, we’ll go out fearlessly. Oh, we’re a rainbow." One standout gig that holds a special place in my heart is my performance of "Rainbow" at the Columbus Community Pride Festival in June 2019. I was navigating a challenging "manic episode" (I was diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder in 2013) and came close to canceling the performance. However, the unwavering support of my best friends, Alessia and Colleen, enabled me to take the stage and deliver an incredible performance. This event showcased many of my new songs, such as "Static Crush," "Euphoria," and "Infinite Love." Though I had to omit my favorite song at the time, "Out of My Head," due to time constraints, it was an unforgettable experience. Shoutout to the Columbus Community Pride Festival for their amazing support!

GH: Songwriting is a unique and personal process for every artist. Could you walk us through your approach to songwriting?

Seph: My songwriting process often begins by gathering a few looping synths. From there, I embark on a creative outpouring, typing out whatever emotions and themes are currently resonating with me. I strive to discover a melody that complements the song's mood, and I let my thoughts flow freely.

For instance, when I wrote "Rhinestone Soul" in August 2019, I was contemplating a future with someone special. The lyrics reflect these sentiments: "Your voice, still singing in my dreams. My heart, my soul, my body screams it back to me. Oh, crystal waters… deepest blue… It’s all for you." These lyrics speak to a personal connection that holds immense significance to me, symbolizing a realization that love cannot be bought, and the essence of the soul remains untouched.

GH: Your music often carries powerful messages and explores various themes. What drives you to create music and use it as a medium to shed light on different situations and emotions?

Seph: My motivation for creating music is multifaceted and draws inspiration from a wide array of sources. I began my musical journey under the alias "Seph" around 2014-2016, with one of my original demos, "Isle," created during a family vacation in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. The ocean has always been a profound source of inspiration for me, providing solace during moments of uncertainty. In fact, my mermaid tattoo, acquired in 2021, serves as a tribute to my first album, "Electric Expressions," released on September 17th, 2021. Although this album had limited commercial success, it remains a testament to my commitment to creating authentic and heartfelt art.

The music industry, even at the local level, can be demanding and exhausting, but my motivation has remained constant: I create music for myself and for love, seeking no more and no less.

GH: Could you provide some insights into your upcoming projects and what we can expect from your musical journey in the near future?

Seph: As I reflect on my journey, I recognize the need for a break, a moment of respite. However, rest assured, I will continue to create music. In the immediate future, my focus is on finalizing the mixing and mastering of my album, "The Dawn Of A Dream." We've completed the tracking and recording of the majority of the album, with just one song left to record, titled "Glass Disco Ball." This track can be described as a fusion of Gaga, Tove Lo, and Charli XCX - a unique addition to the album, which primarily explores themes of heartbreak and healing.As I continue to evolve and grow as a person, my ultimate aspiration is to find a life partner and share my journey with them, moving away from the emotional catharsis of pouring my feelings into a computer and vocal booth. Finally, I'd like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the individuals who have supported me throughout my journey - from my twin sister, Natty, to my parents, family, friends, and collaborators. Special thanks to Matt, my friend and audio engineer at Vaughan Music Studios, and my inspirational partner. I am deeply honored to have this interview opportunity with a Los Angeles-based media company. Thank you for your support and belief in my artistry!



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