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Shilpa Golwalkar: The Voice Behind 'Lightning or Thunder' Opens Up About Her Music

An intimate look into her inspirations, challenges, and the transformative power of songwriting."


GH: "Lightning or Thunder" received a lot of praise for your vocals. How did you feel about the positive response and the impact it had on your music career?

Shilpa: ‘Lightning or Thunder’ is a confession of love - falling for someone may be simple but continuing to be in love with that someone is what really matters. It’s been so fulfilling to see the journey of this song from conceptualizing it, writing the lyrics, composing the vocal melody, and then finally seeing it come to life and get so much love. As a singer and songwriter, I always aim to convey emotions through my songs that listeners can relate to. The collaboration with Snasa, Ashjack, and Ravejaxx was incredible. Being featured on Rolling Stone India’s Daily Playlist was a proud moment. The song opened doors for more collaborations and I'm excited about the upcoming releases.

GH: Can you share one of your most memorable experiences as a singer-songwriter so far? What made it so special or significant to you?

Shilpa: One standout memory is from the release of ‘Break Away’ in collaboration with RANGCHA. It's an uplifting song reflecting on our personal experiences and the struggles faced when starting from scratch. The song serves as an ode to those who dare to defy societal norms, pursue their dreams, and find joy in their realities. The most touching aspect was hearing listeners share their own “Break Away Stories”. This inspired us to create a video capturing these real-life narratives. The overwhelming positive response reaffirmed the impact of our work.

GH: What are some of the key themes or messages that you explore in your song-writing? Is there a particular message or emotion you hope to convey through your music?

Shilpa: Songwriting is my therapy. My lyrics are grounded in real-life experiences and observations. Thus, listeners can relate to the varied emotions - from unrequited love and heartbreak to empowerment. My hope is that through my music, people are inspired to chase their passions and believe in themselves, understanding it's never too late.

GH: Looking ahead, are there any specific artists or producers you would love to collaborate with in the future? What do you admire about their work, and how do you envision a potential collaboration?

Shilpa: There are many artists, both nationally and internationally, I dream of collaborating with, like Amit Trivedi, Vishal Dadlani, Sunidhi Chauhan, Arman Malik, Coldplay, Bryan Adams, Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, and Kygo. I admire their unique voices, musical style, and their journeys filled with highs and lows. Their humility and commitment to evolving are truly inspiring. Collaborating with them would be a blend of mutual respect, learning, and creating something beautiful.

GH: Aside from music, do you have any other creative outlets or projects that inspire you or contribute to your artistic process? How do these other interests intersect with your musical career?

Shilpa: Dance is another passion of mine. Moving to a song's rhythm, whether fast or slow, feels natural and enhances my singing experience. It's like pouring my entire self - heart, mind, body, soul, and voice - into the song. Recently, I've been delving into music video production. Learning the intricacies of script-writing, storyboarding, and shooting has been enlightening and will undoubtedly benefit my future music videos.



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