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Sonic Alchemy: Katherine's Musical Tapestry, Eclectic Influences, and Harmonic Visions

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

From Celine Dion to Genre Mutations: Katherine's Creative Process, Emotional Catharsis, and the Quest for Collaborative Magic with Hozier

Katherine © 2023


Today We Have The Pleasure To Have Katherine here on Goathead

GH: Katherine, could you share with us how you got started in the music industry? What were some of the early experiences or influences that ignited your passion for music?

Katherine:  I remember hearing Celine Dion’s « My Heart Will Go On » as a five year old and absolutely becoming obsessed with the song and asking my parents to put it on repeat while I’d sing over it. I guess that’s when they realized I had singing potential. I then started taking singing lessons a few years later and wrote my first song when I was thirteen years old. The need to express myself through music has been super important to me from very early on in my life. My uncle is a professional musician and he helped me navigate my beginnings as a songwriter, guiding me also in developing my ear for the creation of vocal harmonies. 

GH: Your music showcases a unique blend of genres and influences. Can you tell us about your creative process and how you incorporate diverse elements into your sound? Additionally, could you share any particular songs or artists that have inspired your musical style?

Katherine: I’d say that the eclecticism of my music often comes from the arrangement and production side of things. When it’s just me and my keyboard, me with my melodies and ideas, it’s just a songwriter writing songs, if that even makes sense. When I open my computer and start having fun arranging songs and random unfinished ideas, it’s like the world is my oyster. It’s like I’m free to explore any idea that comes to mind. It’s the same thing that happens when I get together with my long time friends and collaborators Will and Fred. We throw ideas at each other, being inspired by so many different genres and styles of music, as we all listen and have listened to so many different artists across many genres. Maybe we’ve integrated our own sort of genre, our own « genre mutations » that come from listening to so many different types of music. I will give a huge shout out to Will for producing my last two EPs and doing a fantastic job at making my songs shine! I could talk for hours about my influences and inspirations, especially about Hozier, which has been a huge part of my musical journey since the release of his first album. I admire him greatly for his astonishing talent as a singer, a songwriter and a lyricist. He’s inspired me to write about social and political matters that I felt needed to be written about. He seems to be this very kind and compassionate human being, which I also admire him for. My biggest wish is for us to sing and work together!!

GH: As an artist, your music often explores introspective and emotional themes. How do you approach conveying these sentiments through your music, and what do you hope your audience takes away from your songs?

Katherine: I guess I’ve always been a very deep and « emotionally serious » kind of person, from a very young age. Although I will stand for the fact that I am also a total goofball, just not in my songwriting. Writing songs has always been a form of therapy for me, a way to canalize this existential angst that comes maybe from being so in tune with how messed up and unfair the world can be sometimes. I could write about enjoying a soft breeze on a warm sunny day and make a hit out of it, there would be nothing wrong with that. I guess that when I’m feeling carefree and light, I just enjoy it, I don’t write about it. I hope I can reach people’s hearts and souls and make them feel something, make them feel connected, seen and heard. I’m also super happy with anyone just vibing to my music for no specific reason whatsoever! 

GH: "The Words" has become a massive hit of yours, resonating with listeners worldwide. Can you provide some insights into the creation of this exceptional single? What inspired you to write "The Words," and what message or emotions were you aiming to convey through this powerful song?

Katherine: I lost a dear friend of mine to a motorcycle accident three years ago. I was experiencing a lot of feelings related to grief. There is something quite absurd about a 27 year-old losing their life, when they have the world at their feet and such a bright and promising future to look forward to. Meanwhile, some people are just waiting to die in old folks homes, but the good ol’ Lord just won’t take them away. There are so many absurdities in this world I have a hard time reconciling with, and writing The Words has allowed for me to express some of that sentiment, while processing the grief that came with my friend’s passing. You can actually hear my friend Cyrielle’s voice in the bridge. I wanted to pay tribute to her with this recording of her talking about pursuing your dreams. 

GH: Looking ahead to the future, can you share any upcoming projects or plans you have in store for your fans? Are there any particular goals or aspirations you hope to achieve in your musical journey?

Katherine: I wouldn’t want to reveal too much, as I love a good surprise. I’d like to continue pushing the boundaries of genre blending music, and express myself through as many different art forms as I can! If I had a goal to pick, it would be writing a song and singing with Hozier! Who knows?? Maybe it would be a stunner of a collaboration! 



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