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Striking a Chord on Her Own Terms: Independent Artist Kate Bes's Musical Journey

With her ukulele, a voice full of passion, and a hundred voice notes, Kate is carving her unique path in the music world. From her first self-penned hit 'Want to Be Free' to upcoming projects, she shares the triumphs and challenges of an independent artist

Kate Bes © 2023

Today We Have The Pleasure To Have Kate Bes Here On Goathead!


GH: What inspired you to start writing music?

Kate: I started taking vocal lessons about 7 years ago and after singing an endless number of other people's songs, I finally realized that I wanted to create something of my own. That’s how my first song “want to be free” was born. I wrote it on ukulele, having learnt to play just a couple of days before. I worked with a producer to finalise it and completely fell in love with the process. This inspired me to start learning music production and songwriting in order to continue releasing songs.

GH: Can you tell us more about your experience performing live at gigs and what was the most memorable experience you had?

Kate: I used to perform a lot in different bars with cover songs. But the most memorable experience was when I performed my song Want to Be Free for the first time in front of people. I thought my soul would leave my body, I was that nervous. My body was shaking in all possible ways. Although I was used to performing in front of crowds, singing my own songs was completely different to

covers. It’s more honest and scary at the same time. I also mentioned that people react in a different way, as if they are hearing something out of the ordinary and not songs they are used to.

GH: How does your process of songwriting is set around, particularly for your single 12:11 AM?

Kate: I learned a lot about songwriting after taking Ryan Tedder’s class. It changed my mindset completely. Before I thought I needed some magical inspiration to write songs, but turns out all successful musicians have a specific process. So it goes like this: I pick 3-4 chords, decide on a vibe, record chords a couple of times, then turn my mic on and start mumbling melodies. From this, songs magically appear out of nowhere.

I also try to record lyrics and melodies that come to mind in my voice memos. I have more than 100 voice notes on my phone. So one day I was going through them and heard this 12:11 am idea. So I decided to pursue it. Then there was another voice note with lyrics “nothing makes sense, life is a mess”, so I realized these two notes perfectly unite into the same song.

GH: What motivates you to create music and bring awareness to different situations through your songs?

Kate: My biggest motivation is the need to share my experiences with the world. I just can’t keep them to myself. I process life through my songs and sometimes they become a form of therapy for myself.

GH: Could you share some insights into your next projects?

Kate: I’m working on a new song, it’s all about losing control and letting miracles come into your life, because if you are trying to control everything and everyone then you are not leaving any space for magic in your life. Letting go, losing control, accepting everyone as they are is a key to happiness I believe.


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