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Unveiling ThickWhit: From Family Roots to Self-Discovery, Positivity, and Unexpected Opportunities

Exploring the Musical Journey of ThickWhit: From Unexpected Inspiration to Empowering Collaborations

ThickWhit ©️ 2023


Today we have the pleasure to have ThickWhit with us on Goathead !

GH: Hey ThickWhit! Can you take us back to the beginning of your musical journey? How did you first discover your passion for music, and what motivated you to pursue a career in this business?

ThickWhit: The beginning of my musical journey started with my mom and dad. They were in a choir together in job corp, where they met. We often always sing and make music separately and together as a family. My brother jr, whose artist name is Jknownn, he is really blessed with talent. Growing up I seen him make 1000s of songs, I press play, record, rewind let him know if a beat or verse sound good or not. He can freestyle and write music in a blink of an eye. I was always his helper, motivator, number 1 fan and side kick. Most of my inspiration come from him. I always sang, rap, beatbox pertaining to music but never took it serious. People often laughed when I made songs. Maybe I didn’t know how to reciprocate that I was actually good at doing it. What sparked and started my career was 2020, I had some bomb axx sex and felt good. This is a true story. Lol. I told my kids father: idk what you did to me but it was gooood, I’m excited I have to make a song. He looked at me estranged because I’m always coming up with something and said “let me know when the finish product done” I felt like he didn’t believe me so I had to show him. Lol that’s my attitude. I made the song, played it for him eagerly,  it was my first song TDD (Twerk Dat D*ck). I am Mrs. TDD, I created the term TDD!  This is not for kids! I had fun doing this. He heard me rap, looked at me and said “you can make it” I took that and ran with it! I believe in him and he believe in me, it meant so much to me, the joke (the song) turned into a reality because my lyrics came so easily for me to write. With or without a beat words just come to me. My babydaddy has been a huge supporter, he was my first real fan! And gave me hope! I gained my hope when he said “U can make it” the fact that he believed in my I think highly of it and respect it! He’s a serious man and about business! Although my song was fun and catchy, he read through the lines of my talent. And no one knew it existed not even myself! Moving forward I began to write down songs as they come to me. I don’t always have the beat but music literally just come to me! And it’s my job to catch it while it’s there, if it makes sense! I put the video out and my family and friends went wild. They ask when I’m going to put out my new song…I had no new song but you know what for you all that want to hear me, I have more and more. The gift of artist and music just come to me! My bd first motivation and my great ppl I have surround me for support. I never really thought of being a rapper or artist I actually wanted to be a nurse. We will save that for a later interview. 

GH: Your latest single, "As u Should," has been gaining significant attention. Could you share the inspiration behind the song and what message you were aiming to convey through its lyrics?

ThickWhit: This inspiration behind the song “As u Should” come from my family and friends. Me and my bestfriend often talk, when referencing something good we have done our response “as u should, as u should hoe!” It is a sign of support! This song is not to offend anyone it’s just like I got my stuff togther, I’m looking good, I’m feeling myself, doing what I have to do. Simples things can be hard. Especially after grieving, so I’m saying I have self care, and adulting. In a nutshell. As u should! A synonym the way I used the term is like “congrats” “yes” “I know that’s right” u agree with what is being done. It’s positivity only. I done had so much negativity I’m focusing on me and doing what I have to get done for myself. As I should. That’s for everyone. 

GH: Collaboration is an important aspect of the music industry, particularly in the rap/hip-hop world. Have there been any notable collaborations or mentorship opportunities that have played a significant role in shaping your career? How have these experiences influenced your growth as an artist?

ThickWhit: I do believe collaborations are an important aspect of music industry particularly in the rap/hiphop world, as of now in my career I have not had any notable collaborations or mentorship’s opportunities that played a significant role in shaping my career. 

However, I am featured in a video with over 1 Million views on YouTube, it is Saucey Santana material girl. I am the girl in the red crop top, glasses, and white pants, when he says “back to the shelter”...that’s me! He specifically said to put me on that part tryin to be funny! I heard him but it didn’t put my spirits down. But hey I played my role well, only female with no make up and a busted wig. (I thought they were going to do it for me lol) I’m learning how everything works now! Lol welcome to the industry ThickWhit! 

You know what I decided not to go to work that day and said I’m going to the video shoot, I didn’t even know if it was real or not. It was like 3 days after he been shot. As soon as I pulled up my phone died…I have no proof, but I am in the video. I was there with saucey Santana, sukihana, she was nice and said what a pleasure to meet me, I didn’t know her at the time, I still personally don’t but I would do a feature with her. I contacted her and she wrote me back it was my lost. I had a lot going on, at the time. Now it’s like I’m starting over and this is my coming out song. Well re coming out. Lol. People say we make the same type of music: FREAKY.  And sexy redd. I am def interested in a feature from those too. The energy and song will be unmatched. I know we would turn t* up!!!! 

Another person I met there was a guy named Sterling Jackson he is a PR, I’m still learning the lingo lol but at the time he seen I was nervous and scared he was so genuine and told me it’s either now or never. He had confidence in me when I didn’t for my self. That motivated me and I actually did it! He talked to me and helped me out more than he ever knew! And I always thank him for that. No matter a person position real people still exist. 

That was my first experience being a video vixen for Saucey Santa - Material Girl. I am grateful for opportunity. 

I am definitely looking forward to collaborating with big names, small names, no disrespect intended. We all start from somewhere I’m just excited to work and make music! 

GH: Starting out as an artist can be challenging. What were some of the initial hurdles or obstacles you faced, and how did you overcome them to establish yourself in the scene?

ThickWhit: Starting out as an artist can be challenging some of the initial hurdles or obstacles I faced was everything! Lol I did not know anything about music. Lyrics just come to me I either spit them instantly or write them down. It was basic things with music I didn’t understand like getting songs mix and mastered. Copyrighted. Buying beats, or leasing. I had to literally learn the basics. Also with finding videographers, and good quality. 

Not to mention, promotion, being on the internet I’m trying to get better! Its a lot!!! And all I want to do is make music. And all people do is see the finish product. They don’t realize the hardwork and effort behind the artistry. 

I’m finally learning the basics tapping into promoting myself. I’m slowly overcoming the basis and establishing myself, I just keep putting out music and getting better everytime. I let my emotions and pen flow. They don’t see me but they will. My talent will speak for itself. 

I used to worry about what will people think? Now I’m at the point like who cares, let me do me, I’m real and people love real people. 

GH: Looking ahead, what future projects or work can your fans expect from you? Are there any exciting collaborations or upcoming releases that you can share with us?

ThickWhit: Looking ahead I have future projects, I actually have enough songs to release an album or mixtape so definitely stay tuned for that! My (fans) Thickies and Thickiemen can definitely expect growth, I am open for collaborations. The grind will not stop until I’m at the top! I feel as if I have something to prove! And I’m going to do it! The sky is the limit. And the world is yours! -ThickWhit 



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