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Vanessa Wagner: Unveiling Her Musical Journey, Inspirations, and Upcoming Single “Last Night”.

Dive into the story behind Vanessa Wagner's rise as a singer-songwriter, her creative process, and the inspiration behind her upcoming single 'Last Night'.

Vanessa Wagner ©️ 2023


Today we have the pleasure to have Vanessa On Goathead !

GH: Hi Vanessa! Welcome to Goathead ! How did you get started as a singer-songwriter? What inspired you to pursue a career in music?

Vanessa Wagner: Hello! Thanks for having me. During my childhood and teenage years, I was deeply involved in competitive dancing for over a decade, performing various styles to different musical genres. At a young age, I started learning piano songs by ear, and with my mom’s guidance, I learned to read music. Inspired by Disney songs and musicals, I developed a dream of becoming a singer or gracing the Broadway stage one day. In 2016, a few years after finishing my dance chapter, I signed up for singing lessons ready to explore my passion for music. In 2022, my vocal coach offered me a spot in her songwriting program and without hesitation, I said yes! I felt ready to step outside of my comfort zone. This opportunity led to the creation and release of my debut single “I’d Rather Lose You,” marking a significant milestone in my musical journey.

GH: Can you share a memorable or impactful moment from your musical journey so far? Something that stands out as a milestone or a special achievement?

Vanessa Wagner: My most memorable moment would still be when my first single was released. I can still feel the excitement and relief I felt when I was notified that it was officially out there for the world to hear. My friends were calling me freaking out with excitement, and I remember sitting in my car alone, taking in a moment to soak it all in. The next day, I got to perform my song live for the first time, surrounded by loved ones. It was an unforgettable experience that will forever hold a very special place in my heart and something I was really proud of myself for accomplishing.

GH: How do you usually find inspiration for your songwriting? Are there specific sources or experiences that fuel your creativity?

Vanessa Wagner: When it comes to writing songs, I usually draw inspiration from my own life experiences, both past and present, good or bad; they all serve as positive fuel for my creativity. My aim is to create songs that resonate with people worldwide, offering them a sense of comfort or relatability. I also love taking a journal and heading out to the Rocky Mountains, as I find myself coming up with thoughts or new ideas quite effortlessly when surrounded by nature and its beauty.

GH: What was the creative process like for "I'd Rather Lose You," a really impactful song for your career? Did you collaborate with any other artists or musicians?

Vanessa Wagner: The creative process for “I’d Rather Lose You” was really unique because there was a seven-week timeframe to get it written and released. I knew what I wanted the song title to be and the story behind it, but I was finding it hard to come up with a melody for it. I asked my brother, who was working on music production, if he wanted to collaborate on the initial track. Once he created the instrumental, I was able to write the lyrics and blend the melodies together. From there, I was able to move the song into the final stages of production with the help of a local producer. The entire process was quite a valuable and hands-on experience that challenged me to express something quite personal.

GH: Can you share the story behind your upcoming single, "Last Night"? What was the inspiration or message behind the song?

Vanessa Wagner: The inspiration from this song stems from summer love and the joy that people feel during this time of year, whether that’s making memories with friends or loved ones, spontaneous road trips, or late night conversations. This song touches on the emotions that arise when we are ready to act on our feelings for someone. It’s that mix of  nerves, excitement, and tension leading up to that moment, hoping that the other person feels the same. It’s about not being afraid to embrace vulnerability and taking a leap towards love, the ultimate reward. 



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