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Walker Deuce's Unfiltered Journey: From Troubled Beginnings to Defying Authenticity in Music

Breaking Stereotypes and Pushing Musical Limits: The Unconventional Journey of Walker Deuce

Walker Deuce © 2023


Today We Have The Pleasure To Have Walker on Goathead!

GH: Hey Walker! Great to have you here! Your stage name, Walker Deuce, is quite unique. Can you share the story behind its origin and the significance it holds for you?

Walker Deuce: Hey! Great to be here! The name is actually an entendre for leaving a bad situation and also getting out of trouble. Also, it's a play on words the phrase walk or deuce. As in walk or leave. The er in walker is a slur for the word or. It just came to me because I was famous in a small town for rap on soundcloud but it wasn't a good thing because of envy. People tried to fight me often so I had to bail and that's how I got the name. Like you just have to go to avoid trouble and straight up bounce.

GH: As the owner of SkyFallRecordz, what motivated you to establish your own record label, and what kind of artists do you hope to support and promote through it?

Walker Deuce: It's really simple actually, I said no way am I having no label. Big shot rappers start labels.  When it comes to signing other artists I think that later in life I'll sign people because it's a challenge and I like producing for talented singers/rappers. It's just fun. So anyone who just blows me away is worth signing. The name SkyFallRecordz tied into my artist name Walker Deuce actually; skyfall means you're outnumbered on your home turf. So they both came at once in 2017 when people knew me when I went to parties or went out to hit the bars when I'd never met then before. It was a nightmare being stuck in a small tow . But I moved and now love the city life! 

GH: One of your tracks, "Big Butt White Ho's," gained attention and sparked some controversy. Can you provide some insight into the message or intention behind the song, and how you respond to the criticism it received?

Walker Deuce: The message is simple, they're my favorite. I love big butt white women. They're usually pretty skidish to be honest. You know I never thought it'd start controversy but it's my preference so I don't mind the controversy over false sense of racism. When it comes down to it I am totally an anti-racist. I don't support Trump.

GH: Your music has been described as both introspective and energetic. How do you strike a balance between creating tracks that are emotionally resonant while still being enjoyable for listeners to vibe with?

Walker Deuce: I just write and freestyle combo what I go through year to year. It's all really sincere. In a nutshell people sense authenticity. Plus I try to include epic rhymes. That's how I think of it anyway.

GH: Looking ahead, what are your future plans in terms of your music career? Are there any exciting projects or collaborations on the horizon that your fans can look forward to?

Walker Deuce: Good question. I'd love to be in more magazines. Paper ones. I'm talking on the cover and everything. It's been a great career I love it so I'm hoping for more great songs and hopefully way more fame

GH: It was great to have you here, Walker. Hope to hear from you soon!

Walker Deuce: Absolutely and thanks, my pleasure !



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